Why Bill Clinton's Beloved Press Hates Him Now

He no longer glows with youthful vigorOnce upon a time Bill Clinton was a hip and sassy governor from the exotic state of Arkansas, and he was so cool that he played his saxophone on the rad Arsenio Hall Show. A mere 20 years later he is now that gross uncle at the family reunion who wants to grind with his straw-haired wife to Stevie Ray Vaughan tunes while wearing a leather vest with no shirt underneath. What happened, Bill? Did you change with the times, or did time change you?

At every opportunity throughout this campaign, Bill Clinton has said precisely the wrong thing, horrifying the press and the American public and even his own wife. But rather than do a retread of his most awful "misinterpreted" remarks, let's look at some hilarious quotes from his fellow Democrats.

  • "He keeps slipping into it because it worked for him. It's the boy crying wolf. It's not that we just got this in our heads somehow." -- Joe Trippi
  • "Maybe there aren't two lives or nine lives in American politics. Maybe there is just one." -- Historian Ellen Chesler
  • "I think part of it is like a teacher who comes out of retirement after eight years and says I don't have to review my notes." -- A "prominent New York supporter and fund-raiser" (CHELSEA IS THAT YOU???)

Whereas Bill Clinton is "undisciplined," Hillary is "disciplined," which means she never talks about Jesse Jackson.

Bill Clinton Rolls: Comeback Kid on a Comedown Tour [New York Observer]


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