Why Does Barack Obama Hate Girl Scouts?

A Girl Scout troop in a Chicago-area suburb asked both Barack Obama and John McCain for some campaign schwag so they could get their "Ms. President" badges, and the McCain campaign was like, "OK yes here you go cute Girl Scouts, here is a huge box of crap for you, someday you will remember this and vote Republican!!" while the jagoffs at Obama HQ hemmed and hawed. Jesus, how bad are they at training their staff that two separate people say, "Sorry adorable young symbols of all that is right and good with America, we don't give awayvaluable pins for free"?

Michelle Walsh, the Girl Scout troop leader, called the Obama campaign TWICE and talked with two different yahoos who directed her to the Web site where she was invited to pay many hot dollars for a few pins and signs. Finally Walsh called up this dude at the Chicago Tribune who writes a column on citizens getting hosed by the Corporates. This reporter called an Obama spokesperson with half a brain and the problem was quickly remedied.

Now all the little girls can get their "Ms. President" badges, huzzah.

Obama campaign patches up goof with Naperville Girl Scouts [Chicago Tribune]


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