Why Harry Styles Was Called A 'Consent King' By A Model From 'Watermelon Sugar.' Tabs, Wed., May 20, 2020

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Sure yeah "partisan rancor wanking emoticon" but this story about Trump declining to have a portrait unveiling ceremony for the Obamas is interesting for its short history of who hosted whom. (NBC News)

Oh, he just removed the inspector general investigating Elaine Chao, Transportation secretary and Mitch McConnell's wife. (CREW)

Philippe Reines (yes, Hillz's attack man) spent a week on rightwing media, and it made him craaaaazy. (Crazier.) — Daily Beast

Georgia Republicans did a fuckery with the coming judicial election so Brian Kemp can appoint some FedSoc doucher? But Vox, that can't be right!

Eric Boehlert is none too pleased that CBS hired Catherine Herridge from Fox to come ... cover Benghazi some more, we guess. (PressRun)

This is just a very bad Hyundai dealer! — LA Times

How the pandemic will change the face of retail. (The Atlantic)

I wonder if it will still include people yelling at other people, who are wearing masks at the grocery store, that they are sheep. — Sacramento Bee

Why DO food delivery companies lose money, Josh Barro? It's not like they pay workers any money! Also, I kind of don't care because in my town there is Stageline Pizza or Pizza Hut :( (New York mag)

Heather Havrilesky on Joan Didion and Nora Ephron, yes thank you. — Bookforum

Well, this peanut butter chocolate cake isn't to my taste, but then it's not my 48th birthday today, now is it? No, it is Shy's, and he loves that shit! — Dinner Then Dessert

Okay, I fucked up the cake (I think I forgot a cup of flour, WHY AM I BAKING BIRTHDAY CAKES THAT IS NOT MY SKILLSET JOB DESCRIPTION), and also she stole it from Hershey's, looks like.

look at this fucked up cupcakes and cake! 

Well, I will try again todayrow!

I'm not making Emeril's mahi mahi fish tacos with pineapple tomato salsa, but I could! Here is my good husband on my birthday last year, el jefe de los mahi mahis!

Hi Shy! Hiiiiii!

We shall be camping in the living room, won't that be fun!

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