Why Is This Man Smiling?

He who has his finger on the pulse of America has been given the finger by America and we regret to inform you that it isn't the middle. It's the thumb. And it's pointed up.

Sportsbook.com says 70% of its clientele are betting on Karl keeping his job, which can only mean that most of the gambling community in this country - a demographic not known for legal trouble, mind you - is predicting no indictment.

This comes in the face of pretty rough odds against Karl, too. On October 13, they were 2-1 he gets sacked. Yet the masses are turning like... well, you know.

What gives?

Or to phrase it a different way: "Counsellor, what have you got to hide that you thought the Prince of Darkness would never find?"

Odds on Oct. 13 [Yahoo Biz]

Rove's fate leaves Bush agenda in the balance [70% yesterday via FT]


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