Why's Everybody Pickin' On The Poor Right-Wing Hacks Of The Supreme Court?

This week is just getting really up our ass when it comes to the Civility Police telling us how much we're supposed to defer to the unqualified hack brigade that's currently calling itself the Supreme Court. Some of those Civility Police are the justices themselves, just hitting the fainting couch over the notion that we might think they make their decisions based on anything other than their sterling intellects.

Stop laughing, they're serious.

Consider three news stories:

1) This weekend, Amy Coney Barrett -- who was shoehorned onto the Court and into Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat by Mitch McConnell, after McConnell stole one seat on the Court from President Barack Obama, then shoved a credibly accused sexual predator into the next available seat -- opened her asshole mouthat the University of Louisville's Mitch McConnell Center and had the FUCKING NERVE to bellyache at America not to call the Court "a bunch of partisan hacks."

2) Did you all know 50 protesters showed up to Brett Kavanaugh's house Monday night and peacefully protested, in response to the Supreme Court in the dead of night deciding it was fine for Texas to unleash bounty hunters after pregnant people who need abortion care? That happened. AND EVERYONE DIED. Except for how nobody died, and Brett Kavanaugh is fine and his family is fine.

And oh boy, some senators are UPSET. In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley said he was UPSET. But it wasn't just him, it was also Democratic senators Patrick Leahy and Dick Durbin! Won't somebody think of the CIVILITY?

Durbin called it "absolutely unacceptable to involve any major public figure's family or their home" in the "name of freedom of speech." There are "proper venues to express yourself," he said. Leahy condemned the effort to "try to intimidate" Kavanaugh's family.

Oh boy oh gee oh gee oh boy.

3) Justice Stephen Breyer said that whole thing with the abortion bounty hunters in Texas and banning pretty much every abortion anybody could ever need in that state was "very bad," but NAY HEAVEN FORFEND you call it "political." We'd respond more but we find ourselves suddenly unable to comprehend any words spoken by Breyer that are not "I retire."

Considering those three stories, with all due respect, every one of these people needs to STFU, and we really do hate putting Durbin, Leahy and Breyer in the same group with Chuck Grassley and Amy Coney Barrett. Really!

But really, seriously, shut up. We are literally talking about a 6-3 majority of partisan hacks most Americans don't even respect that's actively destroying people's constitutional rights, their voting rights, their very fucking bodily autonomy, and these a-holes want to whine about civility? Oh fuck off.

In a normal world where white supremacist fascist Republicans weren't trying to destroy America in order to seize and maintain power, and where they weren't using that very same 6-3 conservative Supreme Court majority strategically to help achieve their anti-American goals, we'd love to have a real debate over how dickish it is for protesters to show up at politicians' and justices' homes, even peacefully. (In a normal world? Pretty dickish TBH.) We could talk about how rude it is for protesters to ruin their nice dinners out, when they decide to go out to nice dinners. (So rude! In a normal world.)

But right now? Fuck off. As long as nobody's being violent -- and no one should be violent -- then spare us.

And if the Supreme Court doesn't want to be treated as "a bunch of partisan hacks," then maybe they shouldn't act like "a bunch of partisan hacks."

In other words, EARN IT.

Open thread.

[Washington Post]

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