Why That Talking Tina Doll Wasn't The Best Christmas Gift. Tabs, Tues., Jan. 3, 2023
Tabs gif from your bestie Martini Glambassador!

Oregon lost about 16,000 residents last year. Antifa must've got them. (Oregonian)

What does a $1 million retirement look like? Not that your broke ass would ever know. (Wall Street Journal)

Maybe it's time to admit that Silicon Valley is not a modern-day Mount Olympus. (The Atlantic)

A statue of American hero John Lewis will replace a Confederate monument. No, we don't mean Marjorie Taylor Greene, although the statue of John Lewis would achieve more good in Congress. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts focused his year-end report on perceived threats (some real, some greatly exaggerated) to justices' lives while ignoring the institution's many ethical conflicts. He also appears to have outsourced the search for whoever leaked the draft Dobbs opinion to Samuel Alito in a hot dog costume. (New York Times)

A belated holiday gift from comedian Blaire Erskine. (Twitter)

This woman drove 10 hours to rescue her stranded 78-year-old mother from Southwest Airlines. (Business Insider)

One of these days, I'm gonna do "Dry January," especially if I happen to die in the previous December. (Washington Post)

House Republicans have a class clown! You can tell him apart from the other clowns because his buffoonery is intentional. (Politico)

Elie Mystal on the right-wing obsession with Black Republicans like Herschel Walker and Kanye West. (The Nation)

These guys are then repurposed and repackaged by white-wing media and sold as “truth tellers.” The “truths” they are telling are full-blown white supremacist talking points, but for reasons that pass understanding, Republicans (and Republicans only) think that these celebrities can get away with pushing these tropes without getting called out for their racism, simply because they’re Black and famous while saying it. They’re taking clearly troubled people and letting them do the political equivalent of drooling on themselves, simply to titillate white voters excited to have their biases confirmed. Fox News treats conservative Black celebrities the way the Ringling Brothers treated conjoined twins.

Jarl Rockhill, a Neo-Nazi from Portland, Oregon, was convicted of a hate crime in November. His sentence will involve watching Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates and watching the film Myanmar’s Killing Fields. This will apparently make him think twice about defacing community centers with anti-semitic stickers. (The Daily Beast)

A Tacoma, Washington software engineer stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Seattle-based Zulily. His scheme was reportedly inspired by Office Space, which openly lampshaded that it got the idea from Superman 3. Respect to Richard Pryor. (Seattle Times)

I recently discovered this Andrews Sisters-style Spice Girls cover, and it's now my new favorite thing.


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Stephen Robinson

Stephen Robinson is a writer and social kibbitzer based in Portland, Oregon. He writes make believe for Cafe Nordo, an immersive theatre space in Seattle. Once, he wrote a novel called “Mahogany Slade,” which you should read or at least buy. He's also on the board of the Portland Playhouse theatre. His son describes him as a “play typer guy."


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