Why We Now Love August: Beer, Ice Cream, Beer, Cupcakes, Margaritas, and More Beer

  • Beer: Seems that DC has "evolved into a world-class beer town," and in celebration of this feat, we get our very own beer week from Sunday, August 16 through Thursday, August 20.  In sum, this is an opportunity to drink lots of beer and learn a thing or two about beer -- that is, if you're not too drunk (on beer!) to learn anything. Enjoy this "5-day extravaganza," which includes half a dozen opportunities to attend beer and cheese tastings. [DC Beer Week]

  • Thursday, August 13: If you think women belong in the kitchen, you're in luck: Women Chefs and Restaurateurs is hosting their second annual "Unite for a Bite" to support women in the culinary arts. Visit a participating restaurant, including Hank's Oyster Bar, Pizzeria Paradiso, and the CommonWealth Gastropub, on Thursday and they will donate 5% of their food sales to this cause. [Unite for a Bite]
  • Thursday, August 13: Nothing beats eating ice cream in this miserable weather, except for FREE ice cream. ACKC is hosting a tasting of their new Avalanche Desserts (ice cream blended with mint Oreos, M&Ms, brownie bits, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, or Pop Rocks) Thursday from 6:30PM-8:30PM.  Also don't forget that their sundaes are half-off Mondays until Labor Day. [ACKC]
  • Thursday, August 13: Free cupcakes anyone? The Going Out Gurus are hosting a "happy birthday to us" as their monthly happy hour and Georgetown cupcake is providing 400 cupcakes free of charge. Other free goodies include nachos, hummus and veggies, small pretzels and chicken quesadillas. Join them at the Clarendon Ballroom from 6PM-8PM and, as they point out numerous times on their website: the food is NOT guaranteed. Get there early if you would like some. [Going Out Guide Happy Hour]
  • Tuesday, August 18: The Beacon Hotel Sky Bar is hosting a Margarita Quest (a fancy name for a competition to see who makes the best margarita) on Tuesday from 7PM-10PM. Not sure why this warrants a competition, but we don't protest free drinks -- enjoy complimentary Sauza margaritas and appetizers throughout the night. [The Beacon Hotel]
  • Through Monday, August 31: The restaurant Equinox, where Mrs. Obama celebrated her birthday back in January, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a special August tasting menu. For $40, $65 with wine pairings, you can enjoy some of the finest food in DC, including a chilled champagne melon soup, ahi tuna, and a delectable dessert that combines vanilla bean cake and bourbon peach puree. [Equinox]

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