Why Women Really Refuse To Admit The Secret Thing They Do! Tabs, Mon., Feb. 8, 2021

Why Women Really Refuse To Admit The Secret Thing They Do! Tabs, Mon., Feb. 8, 2021
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Nerd stuff with Noah Smith: Why the COVID relief isn't stimulus, it's social insurance, and that matters because Larry Summers is fucking dumb. (Noahpinion)

Yes Politico, all the Biden White House libs were reading the Larry Summers op-ed ... TO POOP ON. — Mother Jones

Two entire families doing a co-living pandemic thing in Los Angeles, and I don't hate ANY of them, is this WITCHCRAFT???? (LA Times)

Dems' child credit proposal, which they want to jam into the COVID relief plan and would reduce child poverty by a whole bunch. (Politico) But is this one by Mitt Romney a tiny scooch ... BETTER????? (Eric Levitz at New York mag)

The ELECTION PROTECTORS! Happy longread, open a tab for later! — Molly Ball at Time mag

Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and the conspiracy to overthrow the election in return for their pardons. (Will Bunch at Inquirer)

When Trumpists attacked the Capitol, Wikipedia went to work. This is very good. — Washington Monthly

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan says (six of) her colleagues are killing people with their unbelievable decisions outlawing, like, pandemic response. And oh hey how about that, my constitutional liberties classes are getting more outdated all the time!

This five-justice ultraconservative majority also took a huge step toward overturning Employment Division v. Smith, the landmark 1990 precedent curtailing free exercise claims. In Smith, the Supreme Court held that religious plaintiffs cannot claim an exemption to laws that are neutral and generally applicable—that is, laws that don't target religion. While Smith was authored by Justice Antonin Scalia and joined by his fellow conservatives, it is widely despised by today's conservatives, who demand broader exemptions for religious liberty. The new majority either rewrote or implicitly reversed Smith on Friday by creating a new rule: If a law creates any exemption for any secular business or activity, then it is no longer neutral toward religion. Thus, the law must give an exemption to religious establishments and religious exercise, as well. This revision of what constitutes "neutrality" toward religion portends a new era of religious freedom jurisprudence in which churches, employers, colleges, and individuals are all able to flout laws that include a single secular exemption.


This is going to be a very lowball number, this couple million that got transferred from the Trump campaign to the Trump Org. VERY lowball. — Forbes

Nods along:

She is the GOP without airbrushing, Fox News without the hair and makeup, or the Ivy League Vaseline on the lens obscuring the pock marks. She's Sarah Palin, but not occasionally charismatic. She's Steve Bannon, but not occasionally smart. She's Donald Trump, but not occasionally funny. She's the moral ugliness of the modern party laid bare, all the reasons that upstanding citizens shouldn't vote for any Republican, conveniently combined into one person.

Erin Gloria Ryan at Daily Beast

I can't even read this, I'm so mad at "vulture capitalists buy health chains and fuck everyone," but apparently help in the form of Rhode Island Democrats may be holding up a sale this time. (ProPublica)

14 Valentine's food gifts that aren't Harry & David's or chocolates. You could always send some to Wonkette, Box 361, Polson MT 59860! — Food and Wine

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