Why Won’t Feminists Stop Destroying Marriage, Asks Dinesh D’Souza’s Extra Fiancée

Why Won’t Feminists Stop Destroying Marriage, Asks Dinesh D’Souza’s Extra Fiancée

Before we begin this post, let's be honest: who wouldn't want this piece of Hayekian sausage tossed down their meat hallway? NOBODY.

(I'm sorry, that was disgusting. He's obviously toting hot Burkean bratwurst.)

Dinesh D'Sousa d'irected 2016: Obama's America, a wonderful little docudrama about how Dinesh D'Souza is a giant fucking racist. He has a long career of saying completely odious things about Barack Obama in particular, because he is a hateful little man with a chewed-up baseball head.

He is also a giant goddamn cheater.

D’Souza’s speech earned him a standing ovation and a long line at the book-signing table immediately afterward. Although D’Souza has been married for 20 years to his wife, Dixie, in South Carolina he was with a young woman, Denise Odie Joseph II, and introduced her to at least three people as his fiancée.

Finally, near 11 p.m., event organizer Tony Beam escorted D’Souza and Joseph to the nearby Comfort Suites. Beam noted that they checked in together and were apparently sharing a room for the night in the sold-out hotel. The next morning, around 6 a.m., Beam arrived back at the hotel and called up to D’Souza’s room. “We’ll be down in 10 minutes,” D’Souza told Beam. D’Souza and Joseph came down together, and Beam took them to the airport.

Oh, but surely there is an innocent explanation for a man introducing a woman as his fiancée, then staying with her in a hotel room overnight? (Also, must D'Souza only d'ate d'ames with D-names?

The next day another conference organizer, Alex McFarland, distressed by D’Souza’s behavior, confronted him in a telephone conversation. D’Souza admitted he shared a room with his fiancée but said “nothing happened.” When I called D’Souza, he confirmed that he was indeed engaged to Joseph, but did not explain how he could be engaged to one woman while still married to another. When asked when he had filed for divorce from his wife, Dixie, D'Souza answered, “Recently.”

According to San Diego County (Calif.) Superior Court records, D’Souza filed for divorce only on Oct. 4, the day I spoke with him. Under California law, that starts the clock on a six-month waiting period for divorce. D’Souza on Oct. 4 told me his marriage was “over,” said he “is sure Denise is the one for me,” and said he had “done nothing wrong.”

All he did was love a young woman for a long enough period of time to become engaged to her then shared a hotel room with her without having any sex or touching at all. If that's so wrong, what kind of country do we live in? Oh, right, Obama's America. What a fucking terrible wasteland of lovelessness.

Here is Ms. Joseph's Facebook page, with some handy screengrabs below:

Ms. Joseph also believes that she knows what is really destroying marriage and families in America: cheating married men. Hahaha no, no, it's gay feminists and birth control, obviously.

RINO Republicans are analogous to fathers who proudly proclaim their conservativeness at dinner parties or perhaps during early afternoon phone calls to El Rusbo’s show, but let their “independently-minded” wives (translation–women who get their marching orders from St. Oprah or more recently, The View ) pump their teenagers full of birth control and encourage their daughters to live the lives for which their bra-burning foremothers fought so valiantly.

To be completely fair, I really don't think that any bra-burning feminist would touch Dinesh D'Souza or his marriage with a ten-foot Equal Rights Amendment placard.

There's more:

In the 1960s and 1970s, feminists and liberals of other stripes started pointing out the hypocrisies of what they termed “patriarchy.” Time and again, they urged us to recognize human’s natural “animal instincts” in relation to traditional morality and therefore, to reject traditional institutions such as marriage as outdated because now these intellectual elites had things like biology and sociology, things like women’s studies, gender studies, and critical race theory, to back them up. They pointed to infidelity or infamous sexual desire surveys (conducted by homosexuals)[vi] among traditionally married couples to “prove” their theses. Limb by limb, they tore the traditional family to shreds until they reduced us to the shining bastion of zoological (but even animals aren’t this bad and do not depend on the state to care for them)cesspool equality that we have now in every American ghetto and which is seeping out into the middle and upper classes in less animated ways.

The beauty of prose like this is matched only by a beautiful sight I saw on the way home yesterday, wherein a young man was standing outside of a Burger King vomiting while wearing an old Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt. Goddamn black ghetto gays.

We wish the best of luck to the happy couple, especially when Dinesh's d'ivorce is finalized in April of next year and he and the next Mrs. D'Souza can finally touch each other in intimate ways in any Comfort Inn they so desire.

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