Why WOULDN'T Rudy Giuliani Get To Futz With His Chram On 'The Masked Singer'?

Let's cover the news right from the top, because that's what we do at Wonkette: People are pissed because Rudy fucking Giuliani was spotted leaving a taping of that horrible stupid singing show "The Masked Singer." Reportedly it pissed judges Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong off so much that they stormed off the set.

Deadline hears that while Jeong and Thicke exited (they eventually returned), fellow judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger remained onstage. They bantered with Giuliani, a controversial figure for pressing what is widely derided as a baseless claim that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from his client Donald Trump.

Everybody's been saying some version of this, but, um, you guys? When Robin Thicke is like "OK you guys, this is a really bad lewk?" When Robin Thicke is your moral compass? You're doin' it wrong.

Deadline explains that “The theme of the new season is ‘The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly’; your political affiliation determines which category Giuliani fits.” As if there can be no objective truth about this.

Obviously this isn't the first time this garbage show has pulled something like this. People who watch too much terrible TV will remember that the very week the COVID pandemic got into full swing in the United States, Sarah Palin was revealed as The Bear who sang "Baby Got Back." Really, she kind of heralded all the pestilence and devastation to come, if you were paying attention.

Now the show has decided that Rudy Giuliani, the clown lawyer who isn't allowed to practice law in any of the important places, who tried with all his might to help Donald Trump steal the 2020 election in soooooo many ways, would be the perfect person for the stupid singing show where somebody wears a mask and sings "Rump Shaker" or "I Wanna Sex You Up." (We are just guessing what Rudy's songs might be.)

A couple other things to note here are that "The Masked Singer" airs on the Fox network, which is funny since Rudy is banned from the news side. Also that it's entirely possible Rudy could be under indictment by the time the trash show airs. We guess that second thing is kinda always true, since he's been under criminal investigation for years now, minus whatever time things were on hold because Donald Trump's employees at the Department of Justice put the kibosh on it.

Of course, this all follows in a long and storied tradition of complete shithole reality TV laundering the reputations of rightwing ogres. We mentioned Palin on the same show, but who can forget Sean Spicer, Rick Perry, Tom DeLay, and Tucker Carlson on "Dancing With The Stars"? Omarosa and Anthony Scaramucci ended up on "Celebrity Big Brother" after their stints in the Trump White House. There are currently (unverified) rumors Hope Hicks might show up there next season.

And sure, of a lot of those people you can simply say that it's no big deal because they're halfwit clowns and those shows are designed specifically for halfwit clowns, but the problem is that shit like this allows people like this to step into the shoes of lovable halfwit clowns, as opposed to people who have literally participated in the ongoing destruction of America. That's the problem.

We are not saying we won't hate-watch the clips the day after it airs, of course.


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