Why You Should Put Dish Soap In Your Toilet! Tabs, Wed., April 8, 2020

Why You Should Put Dish Soap In Your Toilet! Tabs, Wed., April 8, 2020

Yeeeeah, I don't think this is going to go over real awesome with Wisconsin voters. Speaker Robin Vos, like all Assembly members, is up in November.

Tell us, New York Times, why did Wisconsin Republicans insist on in-person voting during a pandemic?

Tuesday's mess of an election in Wisconsin is the culmination of a decade of efforts by state Republicans to make voting harder, redraw legislative boundaries and dilute the power of voters in the state's urban centers.

Well! Asked and answered!

Tell us, New York Times, why did people go out to vote during a health crisis?

"It's the ballot or the bullet," he said, quoting the famous speech by Malcolm X.

Thank you, New York Times!

Oh hey, who has a plan for you to get to vote in November, did you say Elizabeth Warren man you are SMART. (Mother Jones)

And who has the opposite of that?

What Nancy, Chuck, Mitch and Donald would like from the fourth stimulus package. It would focus on health and direct payments, Nancy's infrastructure proposal would be taken out, and honestly that all seems fine, even Mitch. (But we have GOT to get direct payments to people faster, particularly the people who don't necessarily file taxes. And there should be damn monthly payments until it is over.) (AP)

Here's Bernie Sanders's, which calls for $2000 a month to all adults, sick leave, hazard pay, parity for the tribes, freeze on rent, etc., and is correct.

On that subject, stop fucking trusting Republicans to care about your welfare:

What the fuck is up with the hospital administrators, part 357. (ProPublica)

How New York City isn't counting the staggering increase in deaths at home. — Gothamist

Is Trumpism a death cult, Mother Jones? Yes.

This lady listened to Trump and she's dead and it's really sad and anyone who says otherwise in the comments will be deleted with a vengeance, don't be dicks. (TampaBay.com)

Hey! You guys wanna read a REALLY GOOD CNN article? I mean it. Calls an insane liar an insane liar, and it's news not opinion. This is how you should be doing it, New York Times.

Dan Froomkin on that very upsetting Trump corona rally where he yelled at all the reporters for bringing up testing and the HHS Inspector General report. (PressWatchers)

Eric Boehlert (tab from several weeks ago!) on Trump's many many many recent lies. (PressRun)

Politico and Barack Obama listened to the Elizabeth Warren/Vox interview podcast so I didn't have to!

New Zealand is killing it ... coronavirus that is! (Washington Post)

Here is a lovely young woman singing a mad song.

Oh did Richard Burr do (more) insider trading? Maaaaaaybe! — ProPublica

It is Rebecca Solnit at The Guardian, therefore you read it.

Shyyyyy I want a sugar omelettttttte.

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