WI Lawmakers Bravely Avoid Urgent Bills In Favor of More Rules For Uteri

WI Lawmakers Bravely Avoid Urgent Bills In Favor of More Rules For Uteri

Every day is now "women are deranged child-eating sluts who should be slapped" day, as evidenced by the fact that this is 130% of what has been appearing in our Google Reader for news-cycle eternity. Your Wonkette warblog has already briefed you aboutfoursuchitems just today, so your editor is going to skip over the gory details of this "Wisconsin Assembly votes to ban abortion coverage from insurance policies" story that popped up and go straight to the part of the AP article where it notes the two economically critical legislative proposals that will likely be pushed until next session so that lawmakers could sermonize about sex organs. Any guesses as to what the neglected bills are?

From AP, the information that should really constitute the first or second graf on every "Republican war on women" story:

The Legislature was poised to adjourn Thursday without passing its two highest priorities coming into the year: a mining bill to help create hundreds of jobs in northern Wisconsin and a measure pumping money into venture capital to help spur new business creation.

Instead, lawmakers spent the early morning hours Wednesday fighting over abortion rights and sex education. The Assembly also passed a bill creating the state's first wolf hunting season.

This is like a bunch of college frat boys running off to egg the dean's house during exam week and turning in an iMovie of themselves performing the egging while they urinate in the bushes in lieu of their exam papers. It is to fundamentally misunderstand the overall assignment at hand.

Here's a fun statistic: Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has so far created only 6,000 of those 250,000 private-sector jobs he promised to materialize by the end of his first term. So have we just figured out who Scott Walker's administration is going to blame for its abject failure at job creating? No no, not the Assembly. We meant women. And wolves. [AP]


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