Wicked Witch Of the Left Casts Hex On John Dennis


  • A video game from 1998 CONCLUSIVELY PROVES that Marxism is a lie. [Ludwig Von Mises Institute]

  • The Huffington Post and some Islamaphobe blog are in a juicy spat because HuffPo reported the Islamaphobe’s Islamaphobic ads were taken down when they were actually not taken down, prompting MASSIVE RETALIATION via blog post. [AtlasShrugs]
  • One day after winning his primary, Marco Rubio abandons the Tea Party Scott Brown-style, by not worshiping them with his every breath. [DailyCaller]

  • John Dennis is so gay for Judy Garland he fantasizes about defeating his congressional opponent Nancy Pelosi in ruby red slippers while subjecting Judy/Nancy to a wet T-shirt contest. [John Dennis]
  • The Moonies are all up in the dramz because a non-Moon is trying to grab the Washington Times from the Rev. Moon’s son, but daddy Moon seems to be OK with it, so everyone should just get mass-married already. [DailyIntel]


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