Will Barack Obama's Youth Voters Choose Him...Or Finals?

Shut up, collegeToday Barack Obama's political fate rests in the hands of 19-year-old college students who now must choose between bong rips, taking their final exams, finally getting with that senior they drunkenly "friended" on Facebook last October, and voting. You see, The Kids have many competing priorities in the spring and only one of them involves their beloved Barry.

It is a chilling thought indeed to think America's Most Important Primary (Indiana) may be decided by a demographic that is basically a bunch of Wonkette readers, but even younger, dumber, and drunker. This is why Barack Obama's team has gone to such extraordinary lengths to boost the youth vote, doing everything short of turning polling booths into kegerators.

Will all the shuttles and rallies and on-campus voting be enough to put Obama over the top in Indiana? Probably not, because Hillary's army of bitter moms has already voted twice today.

Will Exams Cost Obama Student Votes? [Wall Street Journal]


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