Will Biden Send Demon Lesbian Army To Attack Gordon Klingenschmitt? Let's Hope!

Will Biden Send Demon Lesbian Army To Attack Gordon Klingenschmitt? Let's Hope!

Former Navy chaplain Gordon "Dr. Chaps" Klingenschmitt is not particularly hip or with it — as evidenced by the fact that he has not changed his outfit even once in the entire time I have been aware of his existence — and is just now getting around to being horrified by the Army recruiting commercials that Ted Cruz and all the other dopes were fired up about last month.

To refresh your memory:

[Conservatives] have been very upset about a particular video featuring Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator Cpl. Emma Malonelord — who talks about how she was raised by two moms who got married after one was in a car accident and taught herself to walk again even though doctors thought she would be paralyzed for life, how she marched for marriage equality as a kid, saying she'd been "defending freedom" from an early age, went to college, and joined the Army afterwards.

As you can imagine, he is quite belatedly upset — but not because he is frightened that these commercials are failing to promote the idea that everyone in the United States Army is a super tough macho G.I. Joe guy with a thoroughly heterosexual family, but because he believes the purpose of this ad was to recruit lesbians. Demonic lesbians, specifically.

And to what end, you ask?

It is because lesbians are "demonic" and Joe Biden wants a demonic military so he can help the Antichrist "rise and take over the world."

He said:

When I discern the spirits behind what the Biden Administration is doing, they're doing the opposite. They don't want a holy military. They want a demonic military and what's the end goal of that?

Ultimately, not only are they welcoming that kind of behavior but they are now punishing Christians. They are driving chaplains – like Army Major Chaplain Andrew Calvert – has now been given a letter of reprimand as a chaplain by a general officer to punish him for voicing a private opinion against transgenderism.

So they are purging the Christians and that demonic spirit of Antichrist is coming in to take over our military ultimately for one reason – that when the devil controls the American military, the Antichrist can rise and take over the world.

And then what?

Previously, Klingenschmitt has claimed that Biden/Satan wants an atheist transgender military, also for the purpose of being the Antichrist's army.

Christian troops who object to sharing co-ed showers and bunks with opposite gender anatomy will be vilified as 'discriminators' and punished, demoted, discharged or court-martialed. Mark my words. The devil wants an atheist army for the Antichrist, soon.

He also claimed that this was Obama's goal, back in 2008.

There is a day coming in the End Times when the military will be forced to be atheistic because, in order for the eventual man who is the man of sin — the Antichrist — as it is describe in the Bible, for him to come to power and to stamp out Christianity around the globe, he's going to need a good strong atheist military. [...] That is the first step toward Armageddon, and I'm concerned about that. And I pray that President (elect) Obama is not foolish enough to lead us down that road.

Has he changed his mind? Satan's plan for an atheist military didn't work out, so he needs a demonic lesbian army? Demonic lesbians, one would assume, would not be atheists. One would imagine it would be quite difficult being both a demon and an atheist, because then you couldn't even believe in yourself.

Frankly, if it is taking Satan 13 years to build up his atheist transgender lesbian demon army for the purposes of taking over the world for the Antichrist, I have some serious doubts in his ability to pull such a thing off at all.


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