Better Sit Down For This One: Dr. Keith Ablow Miiiiight Be An Abusive Sex Creep

Better Sit Down For This One: Dr. Keith Ablow Miiiiight Be An Abusive Sex Creep

For over five years, at least, Dr. Keith Ablow has raged against leggings. Boy, does he ever hate leggings! He railed against them as a Fox News contributor on The Five, where he suggested that girls who were getting sexually harassed at school were actually "provoking" the poor, innocent boys who were forced to spend their time sexually harassing them, instead of learning. Then later, on some blog called "Respvblica" when he claimed that Victoria's Secret and, of course, leggings were turning young boys into future Harvey Weinsteins.

In my opinion, Victoria's Secret, Aerie and every woman who buys any item of clothing at either of them (or at many more racy retailers), is contributing to a new generation of Harvey Weinsteins. The idea that women think nothing of being plastered nearly naked in public displays all over the world, while expecting males to still take them absolutely seriously in board rooms, is irrational. [...]

Think how many teenagers who go to the mall are also going to high schools where young women show up in leggings—which aren't really designed for comfort, but to tantalize young men, sexually. How can a 15-year-old really take 15-year-old females entirely seriously when they want to wear the equivalent of tights to school?

Leggings are comfortable as hell, you weirdo. That is why we wear them.

It was on that same blog that Ablow accused Kendall Jenner of "sexually harassing" him by wearing clothes that were too sexy, in public, and being photographed by paparazzi in them.

He wrote:

I really should sue her.

Now, this might sound absurd, but here you go: It is not the case that females should feel free to walk around half-naked on the street and also, simultaneously, expect that men not think of them sexually in other settings. So, while women are rightfully expressing outrage at men who harass them, I wish they would also express outrage at women who present themselves, first and foremost, as sexual objects in settings that are neither erotic or romantic.

Either that, or Kendall Jenner was just wearing shit she likes, without regard for Dr. Keith Ablow's boner situation.

And then there was the time, also on that Respvblica blog, that Dr. Keith Ablow wondered "Was Harvey Weinstein Ever The Victim?"

Now, with that solidly stated (notice the underlining and bold text), I invite you to wonder this, along with me: Who, if anyone, ever victimized Harvey Weinstein? Which actresses, if any, convinced Mr. Weinstein that they were attracted to him or that they enjoyed sex with him, in order to be professionally and financially enriched?

I wish, amidst the storm of outrage about his behavior in Hollywood, that Mr. Weinstein would provide us with a few names of beautiful women in Hollywood who flirted with him, touched him intimately or had sex with him, and were then given roles in films and remained "friends" with him. Because those women clearly victimized Mr. Weinstein by playing on his narcissism and need for sex, exacting from him incredibly valuable opportunities.

I'm gonna say he was not!

Now, if you are a cynical bitch like me, you might think to yourself "Yeah, looks like that dude is trying to rationalize some of his own gross behavior and/or set up a Twinkie defense." If you are less cynical, you might say, "Oh Robyn, those are just his opinions, and no, that store on your street that sells only old-looking vacuum cleaners and Hannah Montana beach towels is not 'obviously a front for something.' You are too suspicious of everybody!"

But in this case, it looks like the cynical bitch is right, because Dr. Keith Ablow has been accused of sexual assault by three of his female psychiatry patients.

Via WCVB 5:

One patient, who said she saw Ablow for several months during 2015, accused him of "engaging in seductive and unprofessional behavior" including heaping praise on her artistic work, offering free sessions in exchange for sexual conversations and engaging in sexual conduct with her.

Another patient's lawsuit said that she was a patient from 2011 through 2018. She alleges that Ablow encouraged her to move to Massachusetts.

She also said that Ablow engaged "in physical sexual conduct which included acts of physical trauma... encouraging acts of submission and using (the patient) for Keith Ablow's personal gratification."

The third patient's lawsuit indicates she saw Ablow from 2015 and 2018. The allegations of sexual conduct in her lawsuit are nearly identical to the passages in the other patient's filing.

The lawsuits further allege, with horrifying granularity, that he dosed them with Ketamine (which does have therapeutic value per the experts) and then combined that with talk therapy to make the patients utterly dependent on them -- and then beat them, called them his "slaves," and forced one to get a tattoo of his initials, to show his "ownership." At least one of his staffers wrote a brief in which she discussed her discomfort with the amount he dosed his patients, and how he saw them in off hours, when the office was otherwise empty.

To come completely clean here, I've actually been waiting for this to drop since about 2014, when I was approached by a source who told me that his friend had been a patient of Ablow's and had been treated similarly. She didn't want to talk to me or come forward, and so I never published anything about it. I've also spoken with other people who have been in contact with former patients with similar stories who were similarly hesitant to come forward. It's been a thing for a while.

What Ablow said on Fox News and on the internet was loathsome, but what he is accused of doing to his patients is straight up evil. It's a violation of everything the doctor-patient relationship is supposed to be. He (allegedly) took advantage of women who came to him for psychiatric help in order to sexually gratify himself, and that's about as low as it gets.

I'm just waiting for him to try the "I couldn't help myself, judge! They were wearing LEGGINGS" defense in court. Alas, as hard as he has worked to convince himself and others that poor, innocent men and their poor, innocent boners are the victims of women's sexuality, that is not something that is going to hold up in a court of law. Because it has been well established for decades now that it does not matter if a woman is wearing leggings, or, hell, if she is walking down the street naked -- that is not an actual excuse for sexually assaulting her. The man is responsible for his own actions. It's that "personal responsibility" thing that Fox News idiots are always talking about.

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