SQUEEEEEEE! Holy shit, did we just say that "SQUEEEEEEE" thing people say on the internet? Yes we did, because we were a young semi-twinky gaysexual when "Will & Grace" was on the air, and so were you -- unless you were "another age" or "not gay" at that time, in which case, you do you, we guess. But "Will & Grace" is BACK, with a 10-minute web-isode where the whole cast falls right back into their original characters, to teach Jack the importance of voting for Hillary Clinton, and NOT for freak-ass Donald Trump.

Will and Grace, of course, are #InTheTank and #ImWithHer, but guess who's a big, nasty, entitled Trump supporter? That's right, it is Karen Walker, played by Megan Mullally, and she is as glorious as ever. Of course, her character is BEST friends with Donald and Melania Trump, and she just looooooves Trump's ideas for a big Mexican wall, to keep out the Mexicans. Why, it gave her the idea to build a wall around Rosario, so she can't get in the main house! She even just came back from Trump's Mar-A-Lago resort, where she loves "azure blue of the sea, the verdant green of the golf course, the mahogany brown of the staff" ... WE ARE TEMPTED TO SPOILER ALL OF THIS FOR YOU, but we won't, because we are not mean people.

It's really good! It's like a campaign commercial, except that it really runs just like an old-timey episode of "Will & Grace." So you should just watch it. OK?

So! What other TV shows need to come back from the dead and do specials about how Hillz is great and Donald Trump is a slab of particularly stupid, rotten squirrel meat whose tiny fingers should never be near the nuclear codes? We'll start: "Friends," "Arrested Development," and of course, "The West Wing." (DUH.) Now you tell us your ideas in the comments, which are definitely still not allowed.

[The New Civil Rights Movement]

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