Will Melania Say Michelle Obama's DNC 2020 Speech In Pig Latin? RNC, Night Two!
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Tonight's the night you've been waiting for, for four years! Will Melania Trump plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech from last week's DNC, or will she pick a different one?

Find out, in this video!

Watch live: RNC Day 2 speakers include Melania Trump, Mike Pompeowww.youtube.com

So yeah, this is your "watch party" for night two of the RNC, but don't worry, you don't have to watch, and it certainly won't be a "party."

Other speakers besides Melania Trump will be Mike Pompeo, pissing on what's left of the position of secretary of State, and a godawful lie person anti-abortion hatemonger named Abby Johnson, who's most recently famous for saying she totally gets why the police might want to be a little more careful around her Black son. (Sounds kinda racist!)

Since they seem to be going in reverse order of Trump Children Daddy Loves Most, tonight there will be Eric and Tiffany, who may not be aware she doesn't actually have to do this. (Junior was last night.)

Also some other racists are speaking.

Here, watch a murder mystery movie with Denzel Washington in it! It is called Out Of Time!

Out of Timewww.youtube.com

Good RNC, everyone. Good RNC.

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