Is Mike Allen's War-Zone Disrespect of Joe Biden Reason For Forced Retirement?


Joe Biden opened his heart to chronic e-mail forwarder Mike Allen during a three-day trip to Iraq over Independence Day Weekend. From these conversations, Allen discerned that Biden is a "pol's pol" who "emphasized the human connection in discussing his Washington relationships," and that the Biden war administration "has no intention of deviating from its timelines, and instead will declare success on its own terms," whatever that means!

Allen, who will not tell his friends where he lives, added that the veep seems to be "thriving," as evidenced by "a pool party Biden held for the press last month at the vice presidential residence at the Naval Observatory." Allen described the backyard event, during which Rahm Emanuel squirted journalists with his Super-Soaker, as a "totem" of Biden's "confidence."

Then he did something no real war reporter would ever do. Allen revealed that Biden doesn't really understand how mortars work:

"We could hear this thing whistle overhead and a bomb go off. And the Secret Service said we ought to go inside, and I said, 'No, let’s finish this conversation in here because, I mean, this is not an unusual thing to have happen.'"

When sirens and a “take cover” announcement went off again at 4:45 the next morning, Jill Biden tried to awaken the vice president, but he resisted. “We heard that thing go off and saying ‘duck and cover,’” he said. “And so I rolled over under the covers."

Lara Logan is going to be so pissed. [POLITICO]


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