Will No One Think Of How Elliot Page's Abs Have Directly Hurt Poor Jordan Peterson?

Will No One Think Of How Elliot Page's Abs Have Directly Hurt Poor Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson first skyrocketed to medium fame by being a dick to trans students in his class, so it is hardly any surprise that he is still clutching onto that rickety ass door frame for dear life. He's spent the last few weeks on Twitter bitching about women failing to comply with his attractiveness standards and also trans people existing. It's really unfair to him! People just going around living their lives or feeling good about themselves without even asking him if that would be okay with him. Is that freedom? Is this the future liberals want?

In late June, Peterson was suspended from Twitter for a completely bananapants tweet in which he opined "Remember when "pride" was a sin?," dead-named actor Elliot Page and raged against the "criminal physician" who removed his breasts. He was then informed that he could get his account back if he deleted the tweet, but Peterson refused, saying he would "rather die." (he later deleted it, so perhaps that was not entirely true)

On Friday, Peterson doubled down again on this nonsense in an interview with Kyle Kulinski on the podcast Krystal Kyle and Friends. When asked by Kulinski how exactly he considered her physician a criminal when it is entirely legal to perform such a surgery.

“So my question is the physician really criminal? If you agree that adults can decide to transition, then why would the physician be criminal? Don’t adults have that right?” Kulinski asked.

“Not everything legal isn’t criminal," Peterson explained, clearly not recognizing how words work. "And do they have that right. See, I would’ve left [Elliot] Page alone if [he] hadn’t been parading [his] new abs in a fashion magazine. How many kids do you think [he] convinced to convert? One? A thousand?”

The only possible answer here is "literally zero" because of how you can't "convert" people to be trans.

The implication is clear, though — Elliot Page struck the first blow by posing in a magazine and just existing in public and having abs, and poor, pitiful Jordan Peterson was just doing self-defense. Perhaps the real question is "How many people are just going to pose for magazines without even bothering to ask Jordan Peterson if he is okay with them doing so? One? A thousand?"

This, by the way, would be what he was referring to:

Unless someone actually is transgender, they're not going to look at that and go "Oh wow, that could be me!" any more than they'd look at any picture of any other man and go "Oh wow, that could be me!"

Kulinski then pointed out to Peterson that many years ago people believed that if gay people were publicly acknowledged that it would result in all of the children deciding to have same-sex relationships, "but really what happened is people are who they are."

A very agitated Peterson interrupted him and said "That is what happened" while Kulinski continued saying that the reason more people came out was because it was safer to do so.

“No! That’s not what happened! You’re completely wrong! You’re utterly wrong! There's nothing about that that's right!” Peterson desperately cried.

He then went on a whole ass diatribe about how he knew from the very beginning when he was asked to use someone's correct pronouns in a classroom that this whole thing was just going to be a "psychogenic" fad and it was going to lead thousands of vulnerable adolescent girls to decide they want to be trans and to go through with major surgery and yadda yadda yadda. He seemed most concerned about adolescent girls, perhaps due to his interest in "redistributing sex" in order to prevent incel murder sprees.

Jordan Peterson, I assure you, knows fuckall about teenage girls.

As someone who was once a teenage girl who went through multiple phases (one of which involved wearing butterfly wings on the regular, plus a few others that were even more deeply embarrassing than that), I will absolutely confirm that during adolescence, widely regarded to be the "age of obsession," a lot girls do absolutely go through phases and get all "this is who I AM!" about personas they decided to adopt all of 12 minutes ago. I will not deny that. What I will vehemently deny, however, is that any of them last as long as would be necessary to convince psychologists and do everything it takes in order to qualify for any kind of gender affirmation surgery.

And thank goodness for that because then we can always say "Oh, I don't know what you're talking about, clearly I am far too cool to have ever listened to Dashboard Confessional."

The thread that ties all of Peterson's absurd beliefs together is that he very much believes that he has a certain ownership over women's bodies and, indeed, any body coded as female. He believes he should get to tell us how to look, whether or not we can feel good about ourselves and our bodies, who we should be allowed to (or forced to) have sex with and even what gender we are allowed to be. If a person who is assigned female at birth realizes they are male and wants to transition, he sees that as them taking something away from him.

What rang clear throughout this interview is that Peterson is truly a sad, pathetic, venomous creature. He has absolutely no interest in listening to anyone or having his beliefs interrogated, he just very desperately wants to believe he is right and for other people to simply take his word for it that he is right. If people were half as malleable in the way as Peterson claims they are, one would have to imagine that they would be more likely to just go along with the people like him who are pressuring them to fit into a particular mold instead of those of us who are saying "Hey, be whoever you are, that's fine with us!"


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