Will Rep. Keith Ellison 9/11 Robert Gibbs With Thomas Jefferson's Koran?


Always plotting against us.Wingnuts such as then-Congressman Virgil Goode bravely tried to stop dangerous Minnesota Muslim Keith Ellison from becoming America's first Islamic U.S. Representative back in 2007, but Ellison outflanked them by taking his oath on the actual Koran owned by debt-ridden slaveholder and teabagger hero Thomas Jefferson. Now, Congressman Ellison and his "religion of peace" have targeted Robert Gibbs. Ellison called for Gibbs' resignation yesterday, but now he's sort of vaguely backtracking while still not renouncing terrorism and the 9/11 mosque.

The Star Tribune reports:

“To set the record straight, I did not call for White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs to resign,” he says. “Unfortunately the Huffington Post and other media outlets got the story wrong. I did say, however, that he went too far in his rhetoric. We all know that words matter in politics. I hope that Mr. Gibbs has reconsidered the wisdom of his words.”

According to the Huffington Post, Ellison said Gibbs went to far with the whole dope-smokin' professional left rant, and that Gibbs' dismissal would be "fair."

And Ellison won't even deny that he said those words, which were quoted by the media outlets he now says "got the story wrong." [Star-Tribune/Huffington Post]


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