Willie Nelson Sentenced To Sing In Court For Latest Marijuana Arrest


Do you people want some good news (sort of) for a change? Because you're all so gloomy these days, it's crazy. Here's Willie Nelson singing the old Fred Rose tune, "Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain." If he sings this to a judge, the current marijuana-possession charges will be dropped. (Willie must pay a hundred dollars, too. Government always wants Shotgun Willie's money.) Wouldn't it be grand if all the million or so Americans in prison for drug possession could just sing themselves back home, before they die?

Oh well, we couldn't even get through the fun Willie Nelson post without a commentary about poor people and working people thrown behind the walls of corporate prisons because they're not famous enough to be freed in exchange for a lot of "feel good" news stories. Willie deserves his herb and so do you. [Spinner]

Bonus Song: Willie and Dylan doing the Willie and Merle version of the late great Townes Van Zandt's "Pancho and Lefty":

We like Steve Earle's recent version a lot, too.


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