Wingnut Chorus: Fake-Black NAACP Lady Just Like Fake-Lady Caitlyn Jenner, Haw Haw Haw

So that weird story is going around, about Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, who may have been pretending to be black for many years, while actually being a white lady from Montana. Most normal people's reactions to the story have been along the lines of "Huh!" and "That's weird!" and "Well, I'll be!" But not wingnuts. Oh no. Because they were led to believe, perhaps by unintentionally negligent parents, that they are "clever" and "good at thinking," they immediately saw the parallel that flew right over silly liberals' heads: CAITLYN JENNER! Because, see, Caitlyn is transgender, and now Dolezal is TRANSBLACK, because that's a thing, you betcha, and all the wingnuts patted themselves on their sweaty grundles, satisfied that they had stuck it to the liberals YET AGIN!,

Kick off the stupid, Sean Davis of The Federalist:

How, exactly is what Dolezal did any different than what Jenner is currently doing? Rachel Dolezal is not black, and Caitlyn Jenner is not a woman (putting aside the basic biological facts of how sex-selection and chromosomes work, Jenner’s not even undergone the so-called sex change surgery; by all accounts, his equipment is still intact). Rachel Dolezal changing her wardrobe, her makeup, and her hair do not make her black. Pretty much everyone seems to agree on that, for obvious reasons. [...]

And yet, the Left and the media would have us believe that Bruce Jenner can become a woman by…changing his name, his wardrobe, his makeup, and his hair. How can you logically square the belief that Jenner is a hero while Dolezal is a mental case? Well, you can’t.

We shall now stupid-splain to the stupid why his argument is so stupid, and for that we need bullet points:

  • Transgender people do not automatically undergo sex change surgeries the second they come out. Some never do! That's between them and their doctors.
  • But since we're talking about surgery, Caitlyn Jenner has had some surgery! Here she is, with her surgeon. She just hasn't removed the penis that seems to be making Sean Davis's brain itch so hard.
  • Being transgender is a fairly well understood human condition, at least by doctors. The American Medical Association is QUITE CLEAR that an "established body of medical research demonstrates the effectiveness and medical necessity of mental health care, hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery as forms of therapeutic treatment for many people diagnosed with GID" and that they "have rejected the myth that such treatments are 'cosmetic' or 'experimental' and have recognized that these treatments can provide safe and effective treatment for a serious health condition," and so on and so forth.

That wingnuts like Davis don't understand this does not mean it doesn't exist. (Kinda like the climate change "debate.") Strangely, there is no medically recognized condition known as trans-blackness! Okay, half-serious explainer out of the way, let's look at a few more reactions from dumbasses.

Here's never-nude perpetual virgin Ben Shapiro, bein' all clever:

Michael J. Fox might or might not be able to explain it, but we just did, so scroll up, dildo-breath. Of course, Shapiro is the same wingnut whose very manhood is threatened by the presence of gay men in professional sports, being more athletic than he is.

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And here's Glenn Reynolds, AKA Instapundit: "SHE’S TRANS-BLACK. DON’T SHAME HER." All's we can say about that is WOW, it's been a long time since we heard the name "Glenn Reynolds," glad to know he hasn't gone to the big Derpatorium in the sky.

Ed Morrissey has a HOT TAKE at HotAir:

What’s the difference between this and people claiming different gender identities than their DNA demonstrates? Not one thing. Either one embraces both Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, rejects them both, or sets up a cognitive dissonance that will become truly epic between identity groups.

It's gonna be EPIC, DUDE! The transgenders will be on one side and the transblacks will be on the other, and in the middle will be all the liberals, tryin' to figure out how to gay marry Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner at the same time! Or we could just, you know, keep listening to science, like we always do. Not seeing the "cognitive dissonance," buddy.

We'll do one more, and then leave the wingnuts to continue pooping Brain Thoughts back and forth into each other. How about that weird, self-loathing corner of the internet called GayPatriot, which sets out to prove each and every day that gay people CAN TOO be as stupid, racist and homophobic as anybody else:

It used to be thought that a man claiming to be a woman had no more grip on reality than a man claiming to be Napoleon or a bunny rabbit. But the culture has evolved, and society has decided that for a man to be woman requires nothing more than hormone treatments, surgery, and make-up. (Which, as an aside, seems rather insulting to real biological women.) If race is an identity, than why should people have any less right to determine what their race in addition to their gender?

It worked for Liz Warren.

QED, bitches! Because Liz Warren faked being A Indian her whole life, but wingnuts weren't fooled, no siree!

Good job internetting today, wingnuts, you never disappoint.

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