Wingnut Just Asking If Maybe Obama Is BFFs With Kenyan Demon Who Lives Inside Of Him

WorldNetDaily, that arbiter of reasonable news reporting and speculation ONLY when based on sound evidence, has a question: Did Barack Obama take his own personal demon to Kenya with him, and was it caught on camera getting off Air Force One at the same time Obama deplaned, and do they travel with each other often, and is this why flies sometimes land on Obama's nose, and does the demon tell him what to do, and does this mean that Obama is the antichrist, and what is the demon's name, and how long has he been personally controlling America's president, and why can't I ever wake up in the morning without being followed around by all these BIRDS! BIRDS! BIRDS! They're everywhere! Can't you see them? They have claws and fangs and they say the government is collecting data through the toilet when I pee! No, don't take me to the hospital again, I'll never come back!

[A] mysterious flash during Barack Obama’s visit to his ancestral homeland of Kenya last month has some people wondering once again about the president’s ties to strange phenomena.

As the president smiles and shakes hands with those greeting him at the airport after he descends from Air Force One, a strange image races across the screen from right to left, seemingly directly in front of Obama.

Oh no, what is the image? Is it the fully formed face of dark lord Satan himself, or at least one of Satan's kids? No, it is this gray blob, which swings by real fast:

Well that's a letdown. Maybe it was shapeshifting at the time. Let's roll the tape, Alex:

Okay, so at the 0:13 mark, you might want to do full screen maybe IF YOU'RE NOT SCARED OF DEMONS, and then pause and move it around a millisecond here, a maxisecond there, because you will clearly see the fully formed face of Obama's Real Father a boom mic swinging past the frame. Or shall we say, it is most likely a boom mic, considering the way it swings, and also, know what kinds of things get set up when the Emperor of the New World is getting off an airplane in a foreign land? Lots of lights, for good and nice picture taking, and boom mics, so everybody can catch what the emperor is saying, which is usually "Astaroth! Down, boy, down! Wanna go outside?!?!"

And then the demon pees on everybody's legs, it's rather a sight to see.

Now, to be fair to WND, deep down in the story with the scary headline, which will keep poopypants-ed wingnuts trembling in toothless fear, the very sane writer (we're sure), Joe Kovacs, says maybe there's a perfectly natural explanation:

Of course, there's a variety of possible explanations for the mystery, including a camera flash, a reflection, an out-of-focus person, a boom microphone, a bird, an insect, a glitch in the video or the always popular optical illusion.

By that point in the article, though, average WND readers (the ones who aren't couchborne anyway) are already on the roofs of their mobile homes, showing their guns to Jesus and waiting for a special sign that they need to go to Walmart and pick up demon-hunting supplies. And besides, they already saw yr Wonkette's story about the gay three-headed sex dragon which is NOT racially transcendent, and is currently abortioning all Good American Christians, so that's like two of Revelation's prophecies fulfilled right there.

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Help us get back to reality, sane video editor who understands videos, How Do They Work. Oh wait, it's still a WND source though:

"From a video editor's standpoint, it could just be some sort of glitch. However, there doesn't seem to be any logical reason as to why this glitch would appear as the rest of the video seems to be functioning fine. The image does look like some type of other-worldly being, but I'm sure everyone's own imagination will conjure up what they would like it to be."

See? It's just like clouds! It can be whatever YOU want it to be. If you are a normal person, you see a boom mic or something along those lines, and if you are a mentally ill WND reader, you can make it into any one of Barack Obama's secret gay demon Muslim sex friends, and you can worry about changing those soiled Underoos later, after you've fulfilled your duties in the coming Obamapocalypse, which is starting any day now, you'll see, now get out of our way, faithless unbelievers!

[WNDviaRight Wing Watch]

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