Wingnut Lawyer Decides That All Laws In Maryland Are Invalid Because That Makes Total Sense

Wingnut Lawyer Decides That All Laws In Maryland Are Invalid Because That Makes Total Sense

We only started to pay attention to exciting new minor league wingnut Michael Peroutka a few months ago when he explained how evolution was against the Constitution. Little did we know that he is running (as a Republican, natch) for office in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. In fact, as of late Tuesday, he's leading the field in the GOP primary for his county council district. We are totally backing this guy, because he has some amazing thoughts about how laws work.

Peroutka has a super well-designed website over at the same sad corner of the Internet that houses Bradlee Dean, and besides being stuffed full of links to bad conspiracy theory books, it has a lengthy screed on how if Maryland passes laws that Michael Peroutka does not like, it means that Maryland no longer has laws. Did we mention that this guy is a lawyer? Did we mention that he is currently leading the GOP race for county council? Did we mention that you might consider leaving this person's portion of Anne Arundel County should he succeed in this quest?

Here is a not crazy way of explaining what Michael Peroutka believes.

Peroutka argues the Maryland Assembly has passed laws that “violate God’s law” and therefore have violated the Constitution and moved toward “despotism.” The laws that have invalidated Maryland’s entire state government in Peroutka’s estimation are a marriage equality bill, a transgender rights bill, an assault weapons ban and a stormwater runoff fee.

Here is how Michael Peroutka explains what he believes.

For example, in recent legislative sessions they have, among other things:

1) Tried to redefine “marriage,”

2) Tried to restrict the right of the people to keep and bear arms, (SB281)

3) Declared that little girls must share bathrooms with older men who are “gender confused,”

4) Placed a tax on the rain. [...]

Is it possible that those who are sworn to uphold the law, such as police and sheriffs and judges and prosecutors, may soon come to the conclusion that the enactments of this body should be ignored because they are based not in law, but in lawlessness?

Yes, we've long been worried about police rising up over a stormwater runoff fee. And we also totally agree that if trans people get additional rights and the gays can get married, it means that all other laws in the state are invalidated.

May we suggest that if that's the case, we'd like to start with invalidating Maryland's insanely complicated liquor laws, because an injustice against one person's ability to buy liquor on a Sunday is an injustice against all.

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