It's EXACTLY like the bad old days!

Megan "not the actress" Fox, the rightwing mom who "audited" a science museum for "evolutionist bias" and co-wrote a really dumb book about how libraries love child porn, is very upset about all the "New Segregation" going on at liberal cafes and stuff, because evil progressives are doing Jim Crow to decent godfearing Conservatives, did you know that? She's apparently been inspired by a Dinesh D'Souza video, and explains how Democrats have always been the REAL discriminators, and by golly, she's not going to stand for it again!

A long, long time ago, Democrats had a lot of fun with signs. They posted them everywhere — on drinking fountains, in restaurants, in clothing stores, you name it. There was a sign for every scenario for telling people with dark skin color what to do and where to go. These Democrats, like Bull Connor, just loved their signs [...] Those same Democrats turned fire hoses and dogs on the black Republicans (like Martin Luther King Jr.) who dared confront them on their bigotry and hatred. Those black Republicans marched with white Christian abolitionists (also Republicans) to end the evil scourge of racism in this nation.

OK, let's just enjoy for a moment how Fox seems to think that "abolitionists" had something to do with the modern Civil Rights movement, which contained only Republicans (and Christian ones, to boot! That'll be news to Michael Schwerner's family), and how not a single Democrat ever wanted to end segregation. This is what happens when ideas from Clever Wingnuts like D'Souza filter down to the less-clever folks like Fox. Oh, also? Martin Luther King was decidedly nonpartisan. And of course, nothing ever changed after 1964. But that's not even Fox's point, which she definitely has and which is hers. What really grinds her gears is all this NEW segregation going on!

You see, the Democrats are trying to deprive basic civil rights to all Republicans, because Democrats are such BIGOTS:

They're going back to their roots and have gotten back into the sign-posting business again. They're putting up signs in every cafe in the land to let us Deplorables know we can't sit with them. They're trying to be sneakier about it this time. The signs don't say "TRUMP SUPPORTERS GO AROUND BACK" or "DEMOCRATS ONLY." Oh no! That would be too obvious. Instead, they're posting these.

Fox's actual caption: 'They keep using the word "all," and I don't think it means what they think it means.' From that traditional Republican movie 'The Princess Bride'

She's pretty sure the website that provides these posters as a free download has to be "paid for by George Soros," because of course it is.

In case readers of Pajamas Media aren't as clued-in to the ugly realities of today's New Oppression Against Decent People, Fox translates. At length. Line-by-line. Here's a sample (all emphasis in original):

Let me interpret that for you, you low IQ dunce. These signs are to let you know, you hateful lover of law and order and restraint and decorum, that you are not welcome here. Contrary to "all are welcome," you will notice that one group is decidedly missing. You. You think abortion is murder, so you don't "stand with women," even though half of those babies being killed are girls. You favor legal immigration, so you don't "stand with immigrants," which means allowing anyone including ISIS to just sally over the border willy-nilly as they please. You believe in traditional marriage and that children should not be denied a mother and father and so you do not "stand with the LGBTQWTF" crowd, even if you have no ill will toward them [...] You believe in biology and know that chromosomes don't change because you want them to. This makes you "anti-science."

She goes on like that for a while. We especially like the "chromosomes" thing, although there's not even anything about science on the offensive sign. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE YOUR CHROMOSOMES, LIBERALS!

But since this sign is written in such scary Politically Correct code that must be unpacked by helpful folks like Fox, the real agenda of these hate-filled liberals who want to kill America and Jesus and straight people is covered up:

Bull Connor had more testicular fortitude than these people. At least he was honest about what he wanted, evil as it was. Why don't they come out and say it already? Just post a sign that says "NO TRUMP SUPPORTERS ALLOWED — OR CHRISTIANS EITHER" so we will all know where we stand. Let's just hope they don't decide to use the firehoses and dogs on us.

Yep, that's pretty much the obvious next step. Silly Megan Fox! We intolerant liberals wouldn't use firehoses and dogs on you, because as pagan Gaia-worshipers, we don't believe in wasting limited natural resources, and since we all belong to PETA, we think having dogs is slavery. We might do something even worse, though: We might deny your Free Speach Rights by rolling our eyes and making fun of you.

Fox closes with an inspiring rewrite of Martin Luther King The Republican's great speech about why affirmative action is bad:

I have a dream. I have a dream that one day we who love steamed milk in our coffee will rise up together and unite in coffee shops around the country. That Democrats and Republicans, pagans and Christians, will sit down at the table of brotherhood and have a hot steamy latte as equals. I have a dream that one day my children will not be judged by the color of their hat but by the content of their character and their good taste in coffee. This is my dream.

We'll confess we really are bigots: We refuse to offer a seat at our table to anyone who associates with as many Straw Men as Megan Fox does.

[PJ Media]

Be our Soros.

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