Wingnut Pens Obama-Era Equivalent To 'Civil Disobedience'

Wingnut Pens Obama-Era Equivalent To 'Civil Disobedience'

You know what's a good way to be an asshole? Here's a good way to be an asshole: "Today at tennis, after I made a hard point, my partner offered the Obama fist bump. 'I don't do that,' I said, and I gave her a stern look." How else does this rebel from the popular conservativeAmerican Thinker website suggest we be assholes to each other because of Obama?

The site's Joyce Capron details the small ways in which she resists Barack Obama in a remarkable Civics column today. At no point in this column does she come off as self-satisfied, because that would be petty, and that would only distract.

1) I refuse to do the fist bump. We Right Thinkers need our own hand jive, a nonverbal way to say, ‘I'm Anti-Obi'. I'm open to suggestions.

The Shocker. Next?

2) I turn His face around. Whenever I'm standing in line in a store, and find coverboy Obambi staring at me, I turn the offensive magazines around to face backwards. During Inaugural week, there was commemorative ideoporn everywhere. Obama market penetration has receded somewhat, but it's still hard to visit a Target or a grocery store without having to look at The One. By hiding His image, I may be slightly interfering with commerce, but if I can prevent one more person from being suckered into socialism, I'll do it.

You're awesome. Next?

3) I send e-mails to mainstream media, urging them to wake up from their Kool-Aid stupor and report what's going on. Sometimes, I link AT essays, the ones where Larrey gets really wound up.

Healthy, and effective. One more.

5) I send my kids out armed with ideas. They and some friends are co-founders of the Conservative Club at their high school, a public school of over three thousand students, most of them future O'voters. The faculty is overwhelmingly liberal, to the extent the Conservative Club had trouble finding a sponsor. A social studies teacher finally agreed to sign on as sponsor, although he said he does not share their views.

"The faculty is overwhelmingly liberal." Jesus, it's just a high school, you hear facts and then spit them back on a test.

So these are some good ways to be an asshole because of Barack Obama.

Needed: anti-Obi gestures [American Thinker]

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