Wingnut Website Offers 'Politically Incorrect' Book About Civil War

Wingnut Website Offers 'Politically Incorrect' Book About Civil War

Are you bummed about not being able to own African slaves, both because of your permanently doomed financial condition and also the anti-state's-rights 13th amendment to the Constitution? Well we hope you are enjoying being an angry old white slob with a moldy sofa on your porch! Also, you may want to "subscribe" to the web page "Human Events," in order to get a special bonus gift:The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Civil War. Haha, stupid slaves!

In case you've forgotten the 1980s -- and if you're American, you've forgotten basically everything before the LOST finale -- "politically incorrect" is a Reagan-era term for pissed-off white guys who were just so pissed off that they couldn't say racist/sexist things all the time, to everybody. And then, inexplicably, it began to describe overly sensitive language as used by academics and newspaper editors. (Your editor recalls the odd newsroom culture of the early 1990s, when he was prohibited from referring to a Mexican diplomat in California as "Mexican" because the paper's style had changed to "Latino" or "Latina.")

And then, anno anus 2010 arrived, and anything openly racist and vile was rebranded by wingnuts as "Politically Incorrect."

He also includes thought-provoking chapters such as "The Civil War in Sixteen Battles You Should Know" and the most devastatingly politically incorrect chapter of all, "What if the South Had Won."

This is the Politically Incorrect Guide that every Civil War buff and Southern partisan -- and everyone who is tired of liberal self-hatred that vilifies America's greatest heroes -- will have to have on his bookshelf.

Haha, what if? Just speculatin' is all. What if Barack Obama's children could be sold as slaves and beaten to death without penalty? [Talking Points Memo]


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