Wingnuts Angered & Confused By Search Results That Prove Obama Is Now Their God

The usual illiterate wingnuts were very upset to learn that Muslim-communist booksellers Barnes & Noble were craftily using a product search engine to convince illiterate wingnuts that their "God" was actually Barack Obama, the messiah. Wait, what?

Somebody was searching the Barnes & Noble website for a book about God that they read "in college" (right) and, uh, just wanted to make sure was still available through a second-tier online bookstore, because, well, not much else to do. AND GUESS WHAT? The second search result for "My Biography, by God" was that Kenyan racist Barack Obama's book about how he's God, the end.

Ha ha, that's not "the end" at all. What, you think these dimwit web goons would ever actually just let something go? Of course not. They began writing "emails" and complaining on their "blogs" and pretty soon they will boycott Dunkin' Donuts. They are like retarded people who keep hitting the same button.

The Audacity of Barnes & Noble: Search for 'God' Yields Obama Book [NewsBusters]


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