Wingnuts Debut Boot-Scootin' English-Only Anthem For Antonin Scalia (Video!)

Wingnuts Debut Boot-Scootin' English-Only Anthem For Antonin Scalia (Video!)

Looks like we missed afiesta grande outside the Supreme Court yesterday, where everyone gathered to gaze in awe at Antonin Scalia as he called your abuelita a bandita. Most of those gathered, according to our spies on Twitter, were just huge Mexicans being a bunch of gangsters whenever they weren't busy napping under sombreros and cactuses, but a few brave Real Merkans came forth to drive them off with the power of a boot scoot boogie. Would you like some lyrics? OF COURSE you would like some lyrics! What're you a comminist?!

If it's not too much to ask could you please speak Engleesh. Engleesh is my langueege it's the langueege of this land. And every time it's posted here (?) I should understand. I do not live in China, Mexico, no foreign place. Engleesh is the langueege of these United States.

Good song you guys! But is there maybe another? Yes there is another, and it is even greater, if such a thing is even possible! Fuck you Leonard Cohen, why don't you move to Arizoney and learn from some champions how to write a real music, for freedom!

Is English-only the only topic these awesome artists cover? No! There is also this Grace Slick-flavored rocker: Wake up wake up look around/There's a new world order coming to your town/They're taking our freedoms away/We'll no longer have any say. We gotta stand together one and all or the Constitution it's gonna fall. We'll no longer be the United States/We'll be the USS of A!

Aw man, we miss The Nuge.

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