Wingnut's Feelings Hurt By Photos of Slobs At GlennBeckPalooza

Wingnut's Feelings Hurt By Photos of Slobs At GlennBeckPalooza

Every three years or so, "like clockwork," your editor realizes he still works on the Internet because whatever Internet thing he edits must be forcefully updated to the Internet's current technologies, which in three years' time have usually gone so far beyond whatever publishing system of the past that there's no longer anyone alive who cancomprehend the old system, let alone fix it. (This is the plot to the hit 'tween movie Space Cowboys.) So, as your editor sits here wondering if maybe today is a good time to just unplug this whole fucking thing -- and also to send Death Rays to people angrily whining because a creaky seven-year-old web magazine very occasionally needs a new engine -- perhaps it is a good time to turn the hate back on the usual subjects: Confused teabaggers!



DATE: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 7:04 AM


Some of the writings on this site are the most hate-filled, foul-mouthed, intolerant ramblings that I have come across.

I thought leftists and liberals were supposed to be so tolerant, loving and all-accepting? Hypocrites.

By actually trying to read through some posts and stories, to see all sides of the story, I usually stop part way through, offended by the narrow-minded filth and invectives, including attacks on appearance.

Some of your staff should hold their tongues about personal appearance. It is curious that many icons on the left are physically unattractive, as well as having ugly personalities. Especially the female ones.

The coverage on the Glenn Beck rally was horrible. I have seen better writing, and far less hateful, from grade school children.

Always with the "grade school children." Well guess what, Creepy McFucktoad? We will pay a $50 bounty for every one of these talented wordsmith children you claim to see everywhere -- not that they're helping your letter-typing skills. And we will use these children to write "witty comments" on Wonkette, if they're so clever, and then we'll make a show about them on the Disney Channel, which ends with sort of a Jonestown tableau, with a two-headed toilet monster (Palin & Beck) "playing" the role of Jim Jones.


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