Wingnuts Furious Media Ignored Huge Crowds at Romney Rallies That Are Actually Obama Rallies

Wingnuts Furious Media Ignored Huge Crowds at Romney Rallies That Are Actually Obama Rallies

Matt Barber is an asshole, that is not "news." He tweeted the above famous photo of a Portland rally (which at the time, we recall, some Foxers claimed the huge crowds had turned out not for Obama butfor The Decemberists) and was quite miffed that the media is ignoring these huge, er, Romney rallies? The good folks at Good As You noted this, and Barber was forced most unwillingly to change his complaint from "media ignoring giant Romney rallies" to "now Obama's rallies are so small!" But Barber seems to have gotten his ridiculously bad information from the crazy person after the jump.

"Maggie" is a poll truther.

Can't read the crazy?

Obama Packed 18,000 Into Area Holding 5,000 – Just Kidding – The Media Lied

Actually, the venue holding only 5,000 was almost full, but stories put out by the Wall Street Journal, Politico and the AP said 13,000 stood outside in a drizzling rain, and they knew it was so because the Obama campaign told them it was so. No one counted. No one took a pic. None of the “media” eyeballed it. No evidence at all.

Here’s a crowd – Romney Ryan 2012 in Ohio – in August 2012 – before anyone was paying attention!

What is Maggie's evidence for the media's lie? Oh, none. Except the "Romney rally" picture above. Which, again, is a picture of an Obama rally in Portland in 2008. Jesus.

Who are the people who sit around and paste Romney's name on Obama rally pictures, and painstakingly go through email forwards of actual stupid Dan Quayle quotes and change them so they say Al Gore? Are they Americans for Prosperity interns doing the usual intern scut work before AFP or Crossroads or whatever sends their Disinformation campaigns into the tubes? We are going to assume, "probably."


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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