Wingnuts Furious Over Bush's Liberal New York AG Nominee

Look he's so leetle! - WonketteGuess who hates Bush's compromise candidate for the vacant Attorney General job? Right-wing conservatives, that's who! Let's learn all the reasons Judge Michael Mukasey hates America:

* He's a New Yorker! What part of "New York ain't America" is the White House not understanding?

* Speaking of New York, guess who vetted this whole rotten thing? Chuck Schumer. Jesus christ, why didn't Bush just dig up Stalin and have him pick the new communist Attorney General?

* What did Ted Olson get for arguing the Bush v. Gore case before the Supreme Court? You know, the case that ended American Democracy and installed Bush Junior? Nothing, that's what. Olson was supposed to get the AG gig because that's how the mafia works.

* In 1994, Mukasey sent an innocent Chinese couple back to China so they could be forced to have abortions.

* And you realize this is the same Judge Mukasey who ruled in favor of Jose Padilla, who had some pretty vague ideas about one day trying to do something, which is why the Bush Administration put him in a dungeon and tortured him for years until Mukasey let him out so he could be tried in court and put in prison forever. MUKASEY=TRAITOR/NEVER FORGET!

* He's BFF with Rudy Giuliani, which means there are surely dozens of marriages/abortions/cross-dressing videos in his past.

* A a right-wing Catholic group called Fidelis has assigned an albino monk to assassinate Mukasey, in the Louvre.

How Bush's AG Pick Irritates the Right [TIME]


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