Wingnuts Make Hilarious April Fools Joke About Putting Pictures of Negroes On Their Website

Wingnuts Make Hilarious April Fools Joke About Putting Pictures of Negroes On Their Website

Ha ha, April Fools, look what this wackyconservative wingtard webzine did for today's unfunny celebration of banal hate disguised as Jokes: "[T]here will be a few changes to the site. The pictures at the top will be replaced by photos of Ghandi, MLK, Linda Chavez, Michael Steele, and hip-hop Republican Cleo E. Brown." Coloreds, all of them! That's insane, this is a white person's site. Commenters applauded this expert comedy, saying "Hilarious" and "Love it!" And by "it" they mean the Humor, not those coloreds.

On the other side of the racial divide, in a phenomenon known as "poor black people on Twitter," people from the ghetto have been telling their own hilarious April Fools jokes, in a Twitter dealy called #AprilFoolsGoneTooFar. Please deal with these with the proper liberal diffidence.

  • its_grrr_egg Limo driver with a rich overprivileged white couple: Im on empty, were in Newark. Im gna walk for gas, stay right here #aprilfoolsgonetoofar
  • 1up_Authentic: Have unprotected sex wit ya girl & tell her you have VD afterwards *her gun goes KAPOW* #AprilFoolsGoneTooFar
  • kimmychaun #AprilFoolsGoneTooFar - surpising ur homeboy on his bday w/ Youtube vids of his g/f he bout to propose to takin it in every hole
  • blaquebarbidoll: @ComedianSpank sending your white friend dressed like a cop to ya boy crib knowin the ni6Ga got two strikes already! #AprilFoolsGoneToofar
  • Really tho -_- RT @BillZBondZ: ladies u come home and ur man makin out with another dude talmbout "we're in love!" O_O #AprilFoolsGoneTooFar
  • aquariussmith Thinking your friend is hooking you up with a good looking girl,and she ends up looking like gollum from "LOTR" #Aprilfoolsgonetoofar
  • @ComedianRonGRT @aquariussmith: Pres Obama telling the world that he is actually a true Muslim and a Republican #Aprilfoolsgonetoofar
  • You pull a FAKE gun out on ur friend...he shoots u thinkin it was real, now ur dead #AprilFoolsGoneTooFar
  • psuRell RT Tellin a muslim them meatballs was beef, then afta he finish u say "nah them shits was pork..taste gd dnt it" #aprilfoolsgonetoofar (lol)
  • FizzleDaGr8 RT @ComedianSpank: let the air out of ya grandma oxygen tank #AprilFoolsGoneTooFar DEAD

LOL, poor black people and poor white people in America are almost exactly the same in every way: Distrustful of homosexuals, plotting against Muslims, obsessed with guns and Obama and grandma's death and hobbits, and completely illiterate! How big's that Tea Party tent?

[Conservative Heritage Times/#AprilFoolsGoneTooFar]


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