Wingnuts Now Ready For Us To Throw Them In The Gulags, As We Have So Long Dreamed

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Wingnuts Now Ready For Us To Throw Them In The Gulags, As We Have So Long Dreamed
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Bias doesn't always just mean unfairly favoring one side over the other or giving preferential treatment or even just assuming we are right and everyone else is wrong. It can also mean assuming people think the same way we do, on a very basic level. Liars always assume other people are lying. Cheaters tend to be more jealous. People who are not devious don't always realize when the people around them are up to some shit. As much as humans love to tout their own individual snowflake-like uniqueness, we actually have a hard time wrapping our heads around people not thinking the same way we do. After all, our primary sources of "what people are like" are our own minds.

As such, Trumpian conservatives have some truly messed up ideas about us and what we want and what would bring us joy. So ever since it became clear that Trump is going to lose this thing, and now that he has, for definite, lost this thing, many of them have begun preparing themselves for the gulags and reeducation camps that we will inevitably send them to, because sure, that's definitely our thing.

Like this guy, Chad Whoever, who asked his followers which they were looking forward to more? The bread lines or the gulags? And this other lady, Jill, who responded "I'm so excited to pay for everyone else's college tuition!"

What are you guys most looking forward to? The bread lines or the gulags?

Because, obviously, we have to educate people before we throw them in the gulags. We're not savages. We will wait for you to get your MFA, but then it is off to American Siberia — or as it was once called, North Dakota.

Also — I don't know if anyone else recalls this past summer, but it's hardly as if anyone had to wait for Joe Biden to be president to stand in a bread line.

Also too — it will never stop being weird that the big conservative nightmare is, like, giving bread to people who do not have bread.

Jack Posobiec has already changed his Twitter handle to Gulag Inmate 4859, although personally I think it would have been better if he went with Gulag Inmate 24601, just to make this whole bread thing even more confused.

Brietbart scribe Rebecca Mansour wrote "Biden wants to bring us together... which is why his supporters are busy drafting a Gulag list for Trump supporters.

Let us note that on Thursday, her former boss was kicked off of Twitter for wanting to murder Dr. Anthony Fauci and Christopher Wray and put their heads on spikes outside the White House as a warning to other bureaucrats who step out of line.

In this next video, Gad Saad asks Sam Harris to put in a good word for him so he is not sent to the gulags, and also pledges fealty to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Awkward, because I'm not so sure Sam Harris has that kind of pull, really.

Part of this is related, I shit you not, to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez saying we should all keep receipts for when all of the people who have been up Trump's butt later try to deny it. This, they have decided, is code for "Remember all of their names so we can put them in GULAGS!"

Here is Posobiec again, talking about how Rick Wilson will be in charge of the tribunals.

Now, in my life, I had never actually heard ... anyone, really, calling for "tribunals" until QAnon supporting Trumpists started talking about how super jazzed they were for all of the military tribunals of all of the baby-eating Satanists who definitely exist in real life. Quite frankly, I have no idea how that would even work.

Personally, I am a big fan of this guy, who is worried about the AOC and her enemies list ... but has helicopters in his Twitter bio, which he helpfully explained meant that "Pinochet did nothing wrong."

Four years! We have been through four freaking years of "Pinochet did nothing wrong!" and "free helicopter rides!!" and QAnon idiots talking about their fantasies of military tribunals and mass arrests and general fucking insanity! And I will tell you, at no point did I ever think they were ever going to get it together to make that happen. But they think that is secretly what we all want.

Like ...

Step 1: Give people healthcare
Step 2: Cancel everyone's student loans
Step 3: Gulags
Step 4: ... profit?

I am very unclear on how they would even expect this to go. Like, honestly, I am super radical. I am about as far left as it gets. I am over here in Emma Goldman town, if you want the truth. Let me assure all Republicans, that I am far too busy creating workable plans to redistribute the wealth of the nation and abolish the entire prison system to even consider gulags. None of my "after the revolution" scenarios have ever involved gulags. I cannot imagine that is on Joe Biden's list.

Clearly, the only reason they think we want to put them in gulags, the only reason they go to the gulag well in the first place, is because they want to gulag us. They cannot imagine a scenario in which one would not want to gulag their enemies. But quite frankly, it does not track. They've gotta come up with something better if they want us to take them seriously, quite frankly.

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