Wingnuts Outraged Over Socialist Marxist Hippie-Dippy Multi-Culti Antiwar Olympics Love-In


Which part of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies did you like best? Was it the plutocrats murdering the workers in the Industrial Revolution, or the pagans calling forth their gods with sacrificial virgins and maypoles? Was it the reference to the Industrialization of War? Was it the stunning black British girl texting, or the dorky boy in the bowler trying to smush on her about as convincingly as Michael Jackson stalking the lady through the alley in The Way You Make Me Feel? It is too bad that those British youngsters couldn't understand why Special Relationship is Special, due to their sad lack of Anglo-Saxon heritage. Oh well, better luck next time, non-white people!

Well we can tell you which part you should not have liked best, and that is all of it, because it was a disgrace!

First, there was all of the aforementioned, plus some Tory dude is apparently going to get sacked, again, for Tweeting that the multiculturalism of the ceremony was crap -- smooth move, Ex-Lax -- but also it was a naked paean to Socialism.

Grr! Shriek! Free universal health care? Murder it!

An uncharacteristically subdued story in Glenn Beck's The Blaze notes the mid-ceremony celebration of Britain's National Health Service -- where each hospital has a window to hand out cab fare to you if you need it after your stay. We're as intrigued by the Blaze's nonconfrontational tone -- like, it's almost Just the Facts Ma'am -- as we are by its always weird commenters.

Institutionalized death panels! they scream. I won't be watching this POS! they pout. But then a large number of commenters there actually are British, and like their NHS, which of course is driving everyone else batshit, telling them to go ahead and go to Britain and die while waiting for a pap smear, because obviously.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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