Winners, Quitters, And Losers

  • Barack Obama wins the Democratic primary in Mississippi. John McCain wins the Republican one. The end. [New York Times]
  • One Mississippi voter says, of the change in race relations as evidenced by Obama's candidacy, "It's the greatest thing since salt." [Wall Street Journal]
  • Admiral William Fallon announced yesterday that he'll be retiring early from his position as commander of American forces in the Middle East. He did not want to bomb Iran badly enough to stick around, it seems. [New York Times]
  • Newly bearded Bill Richardson is probably being nice about both Clinton and Obama because he is angling for a high-level position with whoever wins. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The FBI actually staked out New York Governor Eliot Spitzer in late January to see if they could catch him with a hooker, but alas, nothing came of it. [Washington Post]
  • Three senior aides say Spitzer is going to resign as early as today, but we've been hearing that all week. [New York Sun]
  • What does $4300 get you? A wonderful evening companion who won't go blabbing about it later. [Washington Post]

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