Wednesday, January 26: SOTU hangover? You want more Facebook and salmon? Alcohol is known to breed innovation, so GET OUT OF YOUR HAMMOCK and start drinking. Try Recessions, where drinks are half off every week night from 5-8PM. And thanks to D.C.'s inability to handle snow, the government would like you to head there right now. [Recessions DC, OPM]

  • Thursday, January 27: Hope-y informed us last night that Winning The Future means being frugal and Asian-like. You can accomplish both these things (and make your nation proud) at Asia Nine as they will be giving out Sake for free, for America, on Thursday from 6-8PM. [What’s the Deal Happy Hour]
  • Saturday, January 29 and Sunday, January 30: All D.C. was missing, really, were all-you-can-eat-and-drink brunches, because these food and booze free-for-alls are the best way to thank the Fatty-Hater FLOTUS for taking away the right of the poor to be fat, but never encroaching upon this right for the wealthy. Agora is now offering an endless brunch menu, which includes a bottomless supply of rail cocktails, from 11AM-3PM on weekends for $29.95. [Agora]
  • Tuesday, February 1: If a cupcakery starts selling muffins, can you still call it a cupcakery? Are muffins cupcakes? What makes something a “breakfast muffin” and not just a "muffin?” Red Velvet Cupcakery is going to start selling breakfast muffins daily from 8-11AM. On Tuesday, February 1, they will be giving out FREE muffins during those hours, though, from then on, you'll have to pay $2.65 for this item. [GregsListDC]
  • New Food: People constantly go to Lauriol Plaza for mediocre Mexican food, and these people are idiots. But this margarita factory seems to have a stronghold on 18th Street NW. We shall see if The Cajun Experience, a new southern food restaurant that just opened down the street from Lauriol, can lure people away from their overpriced, boring food. [The Cajun Experience]

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