Winning the War Against the '60s, One Day at a Time

johnsonvra.jpgSomeday, some smarmy asshole with a girl's name is gonna kill this act.

After a public humiliation on basic cable, Lynn Westmoreland has finally made a name for himself in the house. No, not by actually sponsoring a bill, but by helping to kill one! That bill? Why, some outdated pork called the Voting Rights Act, of course! House Republican leaders have removed the 1965 civil rights legislation from the calendar, citing their inability to add an infinite number of riders to it. And also because everyone in Congress is basically a petty, opportunist bastard. Westmoreland already has a couple nice amendments all picked out:

Those amendments, authored by Westmoreland and Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-Ga.), seek to redefine a major portion of the law requiring the Justice Department to approve any changes to voting practices in certain states.

We don't know what the hell that means either. Whatever, Boehner could attach a rider mandating that poll monitors push all elderly voters down a staircase to test their soundness to vote, we're not really surprised by much anymore.

VRA Pulled From House Calendar [Roll Call]


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