Wisconsin Guv's War On Festivus

Kramer hates Jews, too! That's why no bagels! - WonketteGovernor Jim Doyle doesn't love Festivus this year. While Wisconsin's governor used to love the holiday so much that he distributed a picture of himself standing by the Festivus Pole, the racist antics of one-time Seinfeld star what's-his-name, Kramer, has spoiled the joyful season.

"Probably like a lot of people, I'm still sorting out my feelings about it all," Doyle said earlier this month. "It's pretty hard for me to watch the show right now."

This is a big deal, because the governor of Wisconsin apparently spends all his time watching Seinfeld reruns. It's so bad that his staffers need weeks of Seinfeld immersion study just to keep up with his constant references and quotes from the 1990s' teevee program.

After Kramer flap, gov not in a Festivus mood [Capital Times]

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