Wisconsin Republicans Ram Union-Busting Bill Through Senate, General Strike Next?


Ugh, the Wisconsin stuff is almost too dispiriting to follow. But what else can a "politics blog" do but follow the Koch Brothers' Scott Walker/GOP thug-life show? Here's a snippet from Mother Jones' excellent, ceaseless coverage:

Republicans in Wisconsin's state Senate passed Republican Governor Scott Walker's "budget repair bill" on Wednesday night without the 14 Democrats who'd fled the state to block the vote. The vote was 18 to one, with Sen. Dale Schultz the lone "no" vote. The Republicans have taken the pieces of Walker's legislation that affect unions—including eliminating bargaining rights for most public-sector unions—and made them into a separate bill which they claim they can pass without Democrats being present. Whether this is legal under Wisconsin's constitution is unclear, and Democrats have decried the maneuver.

Is a General Strike next? If it does happen, Wisconsin's labor movement and affiliated Democrats will have proven to the nation that they're the last American liberals with any backbone. [Mother Jones]


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