Witness The Birth Of The Literary Feud Of The Century Or, Alternately, Go Hear Jim Lehrer

Witness The Birth Of The Literary Feud Of The Century Or, Alternately, Go Hear Jim Lehrer

One is not born an enemy of Christopher Hitchens, one becomes one. Take the nascent case of a one Adrian Wooldridge, who's parading around town with his new book,God Is Back, all about how God is back! Adrian Wooldridge has a world of Slate columns originally scribbled in pink highlighter on Andrew Sullivan's bathroom floor tiles coming his way. Sad.

Monday, April 13th: Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven is a new book about going to China in the 80s. It is an absolute moral certainty that upon the title being said aloud, someone will not only say "that's what she said," but they will also think this to be clever. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Tuesday, April 14th: A new book that's marketing itself as touching upon things "we'd rather not think about" is at Busboys & Poets for your reading pleasure. 6 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Wednesday, April 15th: Ha ha Adrian Wooldridge just earned himself a LITERARY FEUD with sweaty corpse Christopher Hitchens. The former's new book God is Back is sure to maybe incite the ire of the latter, assuming the latter's cognizance. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Thursday, April 16th: The world trade editor of the Financial Times, which has recently replaced Texas Monthly as everyone's new favorite publication to say that they love (Mazel Tov, FT, etc.), has a new book about world trade. Funsy. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Friday, April 17th: Famous celebrity news anchor Jim Lehrer, of the eponymous hour, will be at Politics & Prose talking about his new WWII fan fiction. 7 PM. [Politics & Prose]

If you're one of those gals (or fellas) who likes books about the less historically significant wives of significant historical figures, this new Mrs. Abraham Lincoln book is for you. Or you could wait for the movie version starring Scarlett Johansson as both Mary Lincoln and Abe Lincoln. It will be totes art house. [Hooks Books Events]

Saturday, April 18th: Hey all you fans of Senator Howard Metzenbaum: there's a new book about his "Washington years," the Senate-y ones. 1 PM. [Politics & Prose]

Sunday, April 19th: This guy, Thomas Buergenthal, escaped from Nazis and now he works as "the American one" at the International Court of Justice. Thomas Buergenthal is a super hero. 5 PM. [Politics & Prose]


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