Witness to a Coronation: DIY Edition

Wonkette operatives keep their eyes on inauguration. Send your personal accounts or inauguration frustration to . In this issue: Play along at home!

"While in more of a try-this-at-home vein than an account of a barbara-sat-on-me-and-farted story, you may want to direct your readers to the surprisingly well-working D.C. traffic cameras to quench their if-only-I-could-be-a-fly-on-a-lamp-post-right-now thirst. While I really can't say there's anything interesting going on other than some deft jay-walking, you never know what you may see from the eye that's 12 feet in the sky at 14th and Penn."

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"It should be interesting to check out the Starbucks on 7th & Indiana (Archives).  I hear that the Secret Service (SS?) are going to limit traffic to only one door with security checks.  That should be loads of fun for anyone looking for a latte!l"

"I was shopping at the Secret Safeway in DuPont, as I'm going to make chilli tomorrow for lunch. (I was inspired by a vendor at the little Texas boutique sponsored by the Texas State Society at the Wardman. There are still a few Democrats left in the TSS, but we lay low as of late.) Lo, as I was walking home around 8:45pm (north on Connecticut @ Florida), I was impressed by the number of motorcycle policemen going by, and realized I'd be able to offer a gesture to the king as he was on his way to Black Tie & Boots. What an opportunity!

"As I approched Connecticut @ T Street, there was a throng of people on the corner across from the Hilton. I asked the nice policeman why we were all standing there. "There's a situation, and no one is allowed to go." Even if we live across the street? Yup.

"So we stood there for at least ten more minutes (I have no idea how long all those other people were there) until a less noisy motorcade left the Hilton. I don't know if I was amused or dismayed by the guy with the shoulder-based weapon sitting up on one of those big, black cars.

"Since when was Kalorama a war zone? Ten minutes just standing there! I just wish I wasn't wearing office type shoes (cold toes!)... Well, that's the least of the things that I wish these days."


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