Witness to a Coronation: Elect Nader

Wonkette operatives keep kept their eyes on inauguration. Send your personal accounts or inauguration frustrations to . In this issue, we continue to recount our inaugural hangovers.

"I just saw the least effective protest ever on M Street between 18th and 19th. 10 to 15 granola-types, some on bikes, some walking, were making their way westward with one thing on their minds: ELECT NADER. At least that’s what the homemade, neon foam-letter sign that one of them was carrying proclaimed. I’m pretty sure that someone was providing a little traveling music with a flute or piccolo. I guess they were starting very very early for ’08. God knows it will stick with me for four years."

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"As we marched along side fellow democrats towards the parade a very well dressed republican family (obviously from Texas) walked by. The youngest child- a girl no more than 8 shouted at the crowd 'Democrats kill babies' -- her family chuckled as they walked away. Without missing a beat a woman smiled and shouted back 'to bad you weren't one of them.'

It was a lovely moment"

A series of recollections:

• NC Society Ball Wednesday night was horrible; I knew sticking with my state rather than throwing away money for Black Tie & Boots was a bad idea. Oh well.

• Thursday morning: as I was stepping into an elevator in Cannon HOB, a cop pulled me out and made me wait by the a few feet back as the Governator and his entourage got in... I was happy to do so since I got a picture of him. Saw Tucker Carlson walk by as I came out of the building, he looked pissed, but who wouldn't after losing their show. Didn't get in to the inauguration with my green tickets as the line was too long, so we watched it on tv from a bar a few blocks away.

• While trying to find a way into the parade, the anarchist march came around the corner and tried to start shit with the people waiting at one of the security checkpoints. No more than fifteen seconds after the first one of them climbed a tree and threw a bottle, metro cops were screaming around the corner and jumping out in full riot gear. One look at the fire-extinguisher size canisters of pepper-spray, and I took off running to get some pictures from up the street. Damn, I can't wait to get those developed.

• After finally getting through security, we were at 13th and Pennsylvania for the parade. I was yelled at by a guy covered in ACLU buttons after I screamed at a few of the "Raging Grannies" for continually moving their big signs in front of my camera lens. Free speech, my ass, I've got a right to celebrate.

Despite the fact that absolutely nothing went right, I still had a good time. Security was a bitch though, it made me reconsider why racial profiling is such a bad thing.


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