Witness to a Coronation: Front Row Seats Edition

Wonkette operatives keep their eyes on inauguration. Send your personal accounts or inauguration frustration to . In this issue: From the front lines.

Just left the “big protest” at malcolm x park. Must underwhelming event ever. More or less 2000 LaRouche disciples turned Greens bitching about the two party system. If this is the opposition, maybe we need to rethink the whole “Rove is a genius” thing.

Whitest. Inauguration. Ever. More trophy wives, cowboy hats, and fur coats -- than you'd ever see on a "Dallas" episode.

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Being a "tanned ass Southerner" and having an innate dread of snow and Republicans, I was going to work from the comfort of my Takoma Park haven. But I decided that I couldn't properly stoke the motivating fires of righteous indignation without actually being down in the fray, at least a little bit. I attended part of the CODE PINK rally at Dupont Circle, then headed to my office. Deciding not to join the march, I decided the best thing I could do today would be to work really hard for wildlife conservation. Walking two blocks to my office, I witnessed a great many fur-clad, cowboy hat-wearing people ducking into various Starbucks' for their morning joe.


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