Witness to a Coronation: Human Maze and More

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"I got stuck in the giant people pens in Lafayette park this AM.  I was simply trying to get down H Street withouth having to walking in the middle of the street.  Turns out they've turned the whole park area - sidewalk included - into some weird human intelligence test (ironic, no?) that mirrors a mouse maze.  I went in through one hole in the pen, followed a path, hit a wall, turned around, tried again.  This continued for a good 15 minutes, during which I was watched by no less than 4 burly looking secret service dudes.  Humorous, yes.  Blow to my ego? Absolutely."


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Confused Republicans in SUVs are starting to clog our streets.  I'm keeping my eyes open for the proverbial Texas-hair-and-fur-coat look, but they all must have done a collective wardrobe update during the last 4 years....

I work in the Natl Press Bldg,  and all the hotels are doing load-in for their cowboy balls today. From looking in the back of the delivery trucks, it appears that six-foot-tall  neon cowboys are the decoration of choice this year. How perfectly mediocre.


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