Witness to a Coronation: Keep 'Em Coming

Wonkette operatives keep kept their eyes on inauguration. Send your personal accounts or inauguration frustrations to . In this issue: Protests, parties, people coming together.

"Saw this mixup amongst the black hand folks outside the gates to the inauguation:

Republican guy in black overcoat: 4 More Years!

Anarchist: Fuck You!

R: What's that asshole?

A: [sticks up middle finger]

R: Do that again [takes out camera]

A: [also takes out camera]

They then take pictures of each other and walk away."

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"Was hosted by Illinois Congressman Mark Kirk on the 3rd floor of Club 1223 …. holding court behind a velvet rope was probably the coolest GOP party couple in town –Kirk and his model-hot wife Kimberly Vertolli….the appletinis were flowing, the interns and staffers started losing their jackets and ties, and the place was rocking.  Other IL GOP hill staffers arrived in bunches in their ball-wear.  Then the Log Cabin Republicans arrived and it got a bit wilder, and the banquettes were stuffed with gay mafia in black tie, interspersed with generously-busted L.A.’s and L.C.’s in their gowns, and the young straight tequila-drinking fundraiser/hotties of Keelan Communications (R) – but the usual Eurotrash who populate 1223’s 3rd floor started arriving at midnight and demanding their “reserved parking” which the afterballers wouldn’t give up.  (“get lost” got thrown around a couple times…the moussed ones predictably wimped out and just started trying to smoke them out instead – whole packs at once)….. .  Counted three drunk Hill girls with low tops dancing with one very happy intern boy in a suit jacket too long for his lil’ arms when we left at 12:30am – groping our way through the angry smoke clouds of the waiting hair-gel-esntia…."

"Couldn't get into the yellow section because the security lines were too insanely long and too slow.  (DC's way of paying the Bush supporters back for the security bill?)  I was surprised by all the gross-abortion-picture-waving, pro-life protestors on Independence.  You'd think if anyone approved of Bush's re-election it would be the Christian Right but apparently they think he's a little soft.  Go figure.  Then again, they also somehow managed to slip out of the protest zone.  Next, friends and I tried to get through the 12th street security to watch the parade, but the crowds were incredible (dare I say, Biblical in number) and again moving way too slowly.  The others in the mob could smell the Kerry on us and were eyeing us suspiciously so we scrapped the parade and started drinking in Dupont.  (So the day wasn't a waste after all!)"


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