Wives Of Wealthy Execs 'Sacrifice' By Recycling And Talking To Telemarketers

Wives Of Wealthy Execs 'Sacrifice' By Recycling And Talking To Telemarketers

You look at this little article by an anonymous TARP wife about how she has had to scale back on "important gifts and other necessities," and comparing the modern banking class's plight to intellectuals in Maoist China, and you think, wow, good thing the author chose to remain anonymous. Greenwich and environs have not yet managed to scrub the stink off the lawns after thelast rabble uprising.

(Although ha it appears New York has already figured out who she is.)

Maybe this whole article is a parody? In which case, ha ha, joke's on us! Otherwise, oh noes. First Jake DiSantis and now this. Here is a FREE PR SECRET for rich people who want to defend themselves in the press: Do not try. You only end up giving people more to complain about.

For example: who knew that holding a dinner party for 30 at a high-end restaurant was considered a sacrifice? Ditto making anonymous charitable donations and showing up for black-tie events after the society photographer has left.

Also this:

I drive the family crazy by switching off the lights every time we leave a room. Needless to say, we fly commercial. Using the company plane is now out of bounds; we’ve heard there are reporters staking out the private airports.

I have become oddly superstitious. On some level, I feel I’m being punished for too many thoughtless years of assuming that the trappings of success were earned and not given. I’m constantly knocking on wood or offering little good-citizen sacrifices, like manically recycling or chatting with telemarketers.

This is what it means to suffer, America. Or shall we say, MAOIST CHINA?

Suggestion: dress this lady in a Snuggie and frog-march her through the aisles of the nearest Dollar Tree before slathering her in barbecue sauce and tossing her into a pit of unemployed auto workers.

Confessions of a TARP Wife [Portfolio]


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