WNBA Players Rudely Use Free Speech To State Political Views Like 'Don't Vote For Racist Cartoon Villain'


Kelly Loeffler, the seemingly insider-trading seeming Disney villain and actual US senator from Georgia, decided to pick a fight with all the Black people. She's part owner of the WNBA team the Atlanta Dream, and tried to score points with racists by demanding that the women's basketball league forbid players from wearing warmup jerseys that read "Black Lives Matter." She has charged “Black Lives Matter" with being an anti-American, Marxist organization because she hasn't updated her racism app since the 1960s.

Loeffler's full-court press against racial justice has so far only succeeded in uniting the WNBA against her. Someone on her campaign staff should've warned her that a lot of Black women play in the women's basketball league. Players started wearing “Vote Warnock" T-shirts to games this week in support of Loeffler's Democratic challenger, Rev. Raphael Warnock. It's a positive constructive response to Loeffler's cartoon villainy.

OMG! Even the Phoenix Mercury players wore “Vote Warnock" and “Black Lives Matter" shirts before their game against the Atlanta Dream last night. Loeffler should look into how much of her in-kind donation to the Warnock campaign she can deduct from her taxes. (TRICK QUESTION, Loeffler! You cannot deduct political donations from your taxes! Unless you really want to.)

Like most bullies, Loeffler is a big whiny baby. She released a statement that's as lousy as it is stupid.

LOEFFLER: Today, political outsider and conservative businesswoman Kelly Loeffler issued the following statement in response to WNBA players wearing "VOTE WARNOCK" t-shirts. The shirts endorse Kelly's Democrat opponent, Raphael Warnock, following her criticism of the league's embrace of the Black Lives Matter political organization.

Uh, Loeffler isn't a “political outsider." She literally works inside the US Capitol. Also, way to go EXPLAINING WHAT "VOTE WARNOCK" MEANS. God, she's dumb.

LOEFFLER: This is just more proof that the out of control cancel culture wants to shut out anyone who disagrees with them.

She thinks that people are trying to "cancel" her because they don't want her in the Senate anymore. That's not "cancel culture." That's democracy. Loeffler was gifted her current seat, so no one's even voted for her yet. This is like saying my unproduced TV pilot script, "Marilyn Jones, Lady Apothecary," was "cancelled."

Cancel culture is what conservatives normally describe as liberal attempts to silence dissent and restrict free speech. Loeffler is actually embracing this definition of cancel culture when she demands that WNBA players not express political opinions she doesn't like.

Hypocrisy is a prominent conservative trait but this is ridiculous.

LOEFFLER: We come together around sports, but promoting a political agenda divides us rather than unites us.

Lady, players from opposing teams all think you suck. That's pretty united.

LOEFFLER: The lives of every African American matter, and there's no place for racism in this country.

So the senator's now saying "Black Lives Matter" but just less grammatically. It's possible the wealthy lady who bought her Senate seat isn't good at politics.

LOEFFLER: But I oppose the BLM political organization due to its radical ideas and Marxist foundations, which include defunding the police and eroding the nuclear family.

She's trying to avoid saying “Black Lives Matter" outright because that is clearly not a “radical idea" or even a “political organization." There aren't any dues or anything, and that Black Lives Matter is for "eroding the nuclear family" is too dumb to take seriously. We're just asking that cops stop killing Black people, all of whom are members of families.

Phoenix Mercury player Sophie Cunningham, who is full-on Nordic white, was wearing a “Black Lives Matter" shirt. She might not even be a Marxist. Loeffler and Republicans want to marginalize the Black Lives Matter movement but this isn't 2016. Black Lives Matter has far more mainstream support now.

Loeffler was supposed to appeal to white suburban women in the state. That's why she was considered a better Senate candidate than Trump stooge Doug Collins. But you can crap on Black people only up to a point before you start alienating suburbanites. She complains about the league "playing politics," but she's the one who tried to suppress players' free speech for her own political gain. She went full racist and now she's trying to tap dance it all back.

LOEFFLER: On the other hand, our flag represents our values of freedom and equality for all.

Klansmen have carried the US flag at rallies. We don't assume everyone who flies the flag is a white supremacist, so we shouldn't assume everyone wearing a “Black Lives Matter" shirt is a Marxist who hates the nuclear family. That's quite a jump anyway. It seems like they might just believe Black lives matter.

LOEFFLER: If we can't unite behind our flag, much less the national anthem during this struggle, then what keeps us together? It's sad to see that there's more interest in tearing our country apart than in solutions that bring us together.

Loeffler is rich enough to afford a lawyer or two who has read the Constitution. It's one thing to oppose political statements in the workplace. But when she talks about uniting behind the flag and standing for the national anthem, she is declaring one form of political expression preferable to another.

LOEFFLER: I'll continue to defend American values and our flag, because this is not a game – it's the future of our country.

I think the WNBA players of all races are doing a fine job representing ideal American values. Let's hope the future of our country includes Raphael Warnock in the Senate instead of Kelly Loeffler.

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