WND Columnist Complains About Continuing 'Slander' Of Joe McCarthy, Without An Ounce Of Irony


There are ebbs and flows in the deluge of rancid insanity that oozes into the turd-polishing traps of World Net Daily. Right now we experiencing one of those VERY high tide days. Ted Nugent postedabout how he loves the blacks (especially their music that he stole). Alan Keyes is gay panicking for a record 6,000th time this decade. Bradlee Dean took a break from collecting cans to pay back Rachel Maddow to write something that sounds like he painted it in his own poop against a wall in solitary confinement. There's even some handy "rape avoidance" tips from Joseph Farah and his trigger warning mustache).

But amongst all that wonderful collection of odiousness, it is Diana West's hagiography of poor misunderstood Joe McCarthy that truly embodies everything that is wonderful about the house that Corsi built:

No matter how much evidence vindicating the late Sen. Joe McCarthy comes out, what we call McCarthyism remains anathema in American life. Simply to utter the word is to deep-freeze debate, even thought itself. Even as we learn about the history-changing extent to which American traitors working for the Kremlin penetrated and subverted the U.S. government (including many individuals investigated by McCarthy), the unsupportable fact remains that nothing in American public life is worse than to be compared to the man best-known for his uncompromising fight against the secret, massive assault on our nation. When will we realize it’s time to make amends and honor his memory?

There are only two proper ways to honor Joe McCarthy. The first involves funneling a fifth of Johnnie Walker (specifically red label) down your gullet before you Netflix every Dalton Trumbo movie for the express purpose of yelling "COMMIE" at the screen before you wet yourself and pass out. The second involves getting plastered, putting on your favorite authentic WWII bomber jacket, and then spending the afternoon taking pot shots with your Bushmaster at varmints while telling everyone on twitter that you are freedom fighting in Syria (NOTE: this is also the average Tuesday for WND commenters).

After World War II, Red-hunters in Congress did their best to expose this communist menace – a menace that we now know, following declassification of some FBI and intelligence files in Washington and Moscow, was much worse than we thought. Thanks to Joe McCarthy, many Americans whom the left angelicized as “free thinkers” or “liberals” were finally unmasked as hardened Soviet agents.

Yes a whole host of hardcore soviet agents were exposed to the world. McCarthy's HUAC was definitely not a politically motivated embarrassment that targeted people who accepted free sandwiches at Communist Party meetings during the Great Depression, and liberals who knew which fetish bars J. Edgar Hoover frequented on the weekends. Maybe if Joseph Welch and that rat bastard Edward Murrow had not turned our Senate into a bunch of whiny pussies we would finally get to the bottom of Benghazi.

Many other charges against McCarthy similarly disintegrate on examination. The problem is, there is far too little examination. Even this week, when the National Review took up editorial arms to defend Ted Cruz from croaky cries of “McCarthyism” coming from Democrats in Congress and cable TV hosts, the editorial explained how it was that Cruz had not engaged in the “M-word.” It further declared Cruz “has not, as Senator McCarthy was reputed to have done, slandered an honorable man by cavalierly associating him with an odious and politically radioactive ‘ism.’”

West has accidentally stumbled upon one wildly ironic issue concerning the National Review and "McCarthyism." Back in the day, Brent Bozell's horrible fascist fetus-fetishizing daddy and William F. Buckley published this awful defense of Senator Whiskey Dick. So the fact that they are now fully embracing this term and using it as the WORST EPITHET EVER is pretty rich.

“Reputed” by whom, and according to what facts? Failing to unmask the McCarthyism libel for what it is and always was – bunk and agitprop designed to demonize conservatives, from Joe then to Ted today – does exactly what conservatives continue to take pains to disavow. It slanders a patriot – Joe McCarthy – by cavalierly associating him with an odious and politically radioactive “ism.”

There you go Wonket commenters. Diana West fucking stole your Sarah Palin joke and squeezed all semblance of humor and sarcasm from until it is nothing more than a goopy diaper rash ointment being used to smooth decades of well-earned conservative butt hurt. We might laugh now, but this cycle of ridiculous victimization of Wisconsin's worst legislator (you still have time, Ron Johnson!) won't stop until this post is republished in a Texas approved US History book.



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